White Flower Notes in Perfumes – 26 Scents and Smells

White flower is a common theme in perfumes, both for men and women. We have gone through the most common and popular ones, giving you a description of what they smell like.

When reading the descriptions and content of different perfumes, it’s easy to get persuaded.

Who wouldn’t feel drawn to names like “Boronia”, “Night blooming” and “lemon blossom”?

It’s time to go beyond the exotic and beautiful names, and see what’s actually behind these scents.

Popular White Flowers in Perfumes

We have gone through the 26 most popular white flower scents, giving you an idea of what they feel and smell like.

Have in mind, that white flowers have a unique and specific scent. Some of these flavors might be yellow in nature, but their smell is that of a white flower.

Since we are talking about perfumes, we talk about scents and not their colors in nature.

Arum Lily

Interestingly, the Arum Lily is not strictly a member of the lily family, however, it remains hugely popular for its refreshing floral notes.

It has a refreshing aroma with powerful fresh floral scent notes and at the same time, it holds a mild scent of pollen and waxy petals.

Black Locust

Black Locust is known for its highly sweet and heavenly aroma. It has intense and pleasant floral notes that are similar to mimosa and orange blossom with a slight touch of sweet-pea aroma.


Boronia is known for having an unusually complex and alluring fruity-floral scent.

Native to Western Australia, it is known for its airy fresh, and fruity sweet floral (and sometimes warm and woodsy) scent notes that are reminiscent of yellow freesias, ripe apricots, and lemon peel.


This five petals white flower has a very smooth and fruity smell which is very similar to jasmine and gardenia.

It is known for its sweet and smooth white floral fragrance with a fruity nuance.


Although this flower is known for being extremely poisonous, it attracts honey bees and other insects by exuding a very pleasant, heady, and sweet smell which is similar to that of honeysuckle.

It holds a girly fantasy note of a very feminine sweet floral narcotic scent.


Since this flower has been widely hybridized, various varieties of frangipani are available, each having a different scent.

However, overall it holds a tropical floral-fruity note with a citrus nuance that may smell similar to a rose, gardenias, and citrus.


While they hold a very seductive sprawl of white milky petals, they are known more widely for their aromatic fragrance.

Its scent is comparable to jasmine and holds an intoxicating velvety white floral note with piquant green and earthy mushroom nuances.

Grapefruit Blossom

The grapefruit blossom is known for its mild and aromatic white floral scent reminiscent of orange blossom.

However, it is fresher and less animalic as compared to orange blossom which gives it a fresh heavenly smell.


The honeysuckle has over 180 different species all over the world. It is known for its thick and intense fragrance which is also warm and fruity at the same time like jasmine and vanilla.

Its fragrance has a sweet floral note with a nuance of honey and pollen and hints of ripe citrus.


No white flower scent list is complete without including jasmine in it. Jasmine is known for its incredibly rich, sweet, white floral, opulent fragrance which can be described as exotic, intoxicating, and intense.

This fragrance is also synthesized in the lab which is relatively more indolic and fresher.


It is a wild flowing shrub from Africa, which is known for its highly potent and intense scent.

Its scent notes are intensely floral and sweet with an intoxicating jasmine-like fragrance with a peculiar almond nuance.

Lemon Blossom

It is a zesty and citrusy aromatic fragrance of the lemon tree blossom. The fragrance holds a lighter, airier, and very sweet tangier sparkling floral note that is a bit sweeter and less animalic than the orange blossom.

It is also known as ‘the happiest smell in the world’.


The lily is known for its intensely delicate and green citrusy scent. It has a spicy scent that is feminine but has an exceptionally dominant floral note, which is sweet and waxy.

Mandarin Orange Blossom

Although some people wonder if it smells like an actual orange, it has a soapy floral scent that is reminiscent of a flower growing on top of orange blossom.

It has a sweet floral and somewhat fruity smell with the touch of fresh citrus.


Melati, which is actually a type of jasmine, is a white floral plant that blooms at night and native to Indonesia.

It is known for its highly scented flowers, which have a rice floral fragrance and have a smell very much similar to the jasmine.

Mock Orange

Mock orange is basically a Philadelphus shrub that is very popular among gardeners mainly because of its characteristic sweet scent.

It has a sensational spicy fragrance which is similar to jasmine, orange, and citrus. Its stem is also used in bridal bouquets due to its sweet fragrance.

Moon Flower

Moon flower is one of the rare flowers that bloom at night and is popular for its powerful floral scent.

It has a sophisticated floral scent with an intoxicating spicy undertone. It can be described as a blend of red rose, jasmine, and a lily with a spicy hint.

Night Blooming Cereus

Also known as the ‘queen of the night, the night-blooming cereus is a tropical cactus plant with 10-inch wide flowers that give off a fabulous scent.

It has a unique dusty white floral smell with a soft spicy undertone, which makes its scent one of a kind.

Orange Blossom

The orange blossom is a unique and complex scent, and it is sometimes considered to be a complete scent on its own.

It has complex notes that may seem to have a rich blend of floral animalic fragrance, and yet at the same time also gives off baby-like soapy citrus notes.


Stephanotis is a starry white flower known for its warm and highly sought-after scent. It has an intensely white floral scent with a soft spicy undertone.

Its fragrance is sometimes compared to a blend of jasmine and lily.


Most people confuse the syringe with the lilac even though the two are not even related. It is known for having a floral note of philadelphus coronarius.

It has a sweet, strong, heady, and rich floral profile which is reminiscent of gardenia, honeysuckle, and orange blossom.

Tangerine Blossom

The tangerine blossom is known for its incredibly refreshing green citrus scent with a floral hint. Its smell is very similar to that of a mandarin orange blossom as they both have refreshing citrus and floral blend.

Tiare Flower

The tiare is a symbol of love and unity, and also projects strength and sensuality. It has a tropical scent which is ideal for warmer summer nights.

It has a creamy, fruity, and indolic white floral note which is reminiscent of jasmine, sweet orange, and tea leaves.


This burst of floral fragrance is among some of the most feminine scents in the world.

The tuberose is like an explosive bouquet of white flowers and has an intense white floral, carnal, sweet, and indolic fragrance note, with green nuances.

Overall, its notes are powerful, elegant, and seductive with a spicy undertone.

White Flowers

It is generally a blend of gardenia, tuberose, orange, and jasmine. The white floral is often used in bouquets and arrangements due to distinctive sweet floral smell and aromatic projection.

A white floral typically has a sweet and heady fragrance that is reminiscent of jasmine, gardenia, and tuberose.

White Tobacco

The white tobacco is a popular scent and is commonly used by men and women alike. The distinctive characteristic of white tobacco is its unique and intoxicating smell of white tobacco.

Its scent can be best described as a sweet-smelling opulent floral note that is both rich and subtle at the same time.