Best Maison Margiela Fragrances 2021 – Top 11 Perfumes

Maison Margiela’s fragrances have grown rapidly in popularity, and are now days widely acknowledged as one of the most unique and best perfume brands. We have gone through Maison Margiela’s top perfumes to help you find the best one for you. The result? 11 awesome fragrances for every occasion and taste.

Any beauty product that comes bearing a Maison Margiela tag already feels incredibly stylish and elegant.

But there’s something unique about their Replica line of perfumes.

Perhaps, it’s the fact that they evoke some truly special memories. Or, maybe it’s the way their scents last for hours.

Regardless, if you haven’t already, you should try this brand’s perfumes. To help you, we’ve curated 11 of our best Maison Margiela perfumes.

1. Replica Beach Walk

Time: Day
Season: Summer
Signatures: Yellow floral, coconut, sweet, musky and powdery
Keywords: Feminine, tropical and sweet

Beach Walk is a sophisticated but beautifully-scented perfume that changes dramatically as it dries down.

The initial notes you will get are warm and coconut-y with a hint of lemon that is radiant like the sun.

But as the perfume settles into your skin, all the glimmer and hardiness of the coconut gradually disappears.

What remains is a velvety, almost creamy fragrance which hits you with a bite of pepper.

Beach Walk is one of the most aptly named perfumes. It evokes the memory of taking a stroll along the beach as you enjoy the smell of ocean water and sand.

For the actual composition, this perfume contains a combination of fresh, “summery” notes and warm notes.

Examples of the fresh notes are coconut milk, lemon and heliotrope while the warm notes include bergamot, ylang-ylang, pink pepper and musk.

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2. Replica Lazy Sunday Morning

Time: Day
Season: Spring and summer
Signatures: Musky, powdery, aldehydic and rose
Keywords: Fresh, clean and relaxing

Do you ever want to bottle that feeling you experience on a quiet, laid-back Sunday morning? You know, where you are laying on freshly-washed linen sheets, deciding how to spend the rest of your day.

Well, Maison Margiela has done just that with their Lazy Sunday Morning perfume.

The latest addition in their Replica series, this perfume touts a clean scent with just a slight hint of floral.

Its notes oscillate between clear aldehydes, velvety rose, dark moss and bitter patchouli. This results in a nice blend that is part cologne and part chypre.

The delicate interlacing of the different notes is one of my favorite things about this perfume. And unlike others, its divine scents last quite a while.

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3. Replica By the Fireplace

Time: Night
Winter and fall
Signatures: Woody, powdery, warm spicy, vanilla, and balsamic
Keywords: Woody, warm and comforting

Maison’s line of Replica perfumes are designed to evoke a particular feeling or memory, and By the Fireplace does just that.

Whenever we apply it, it always reminds us of a warm toasty Wintry night where we’re sitting by a fireplace.

The perfume opens with pink pepper notes, which bring a chilling spiciness. This spicy note is the perfect complement for the sweet yet smoky chestnut and vanilla scents. The sweet accord isn’t prominent though.

What plays a dominant role is the smoky fragrance, which might not work for everyone. We don’t mind, although some claim it smells like burnt marshmallows.

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4. Replica Jazz Club

Time: Night
Season: Fall and winter
Signatures: Tobacco, rum, sweet, vanilla and balsamic
Keywords: Sweet, boozy and warm

Picking a perfume for autumn can be tricky. Do you go for a warm and woody scent or one that is citrusy.

If you’re looking for a perfume that represents both worlds, Jazz Club is your best bet.

Jazz Club was Maison’s first male fragrance. The manufacturer aptly describes it as a blend of “heady cocktails and cigars”.

Its woody and spicy notes are sure to take you back in time to a jazz joint in Brooklyn, where you’re enjoying soothing music, alcohol and cigars.

The first time you open this bottle, you’ll be greeted to a strong scent of peppercorns with lemon and neroli. It will quickly be followed by a rich dark rum accord and hints of green vetiver.

What we like most about Jazz Club entails its lasting effects. Once it sinks into your skin, you can expect it to stay put all day.

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5. Maison Martin Margiela (Untitled)

Time: Day
Season: Spring and summer
Signatures: Woody, green, balsamic, aromatic, citrus and fresh
Keywords: Citrusy and grassy

The brains behind the Untitled fragrance is renowned perfumer Daniela Andrier. Daniela’s creations are known for their refinement and luminosity, and this cologne is no exception.

The first scent that hits you is that of galbanum, which provides a cheerful prelude. This fragrance then transitions nicely to more leafy and spicy notes.

As the composition dries down, the orange notes become apparent, helping to soften the green flare-up of galbanum to a shimmer.

Replica Untitled is rooted on an accord of woods and incense. Their bright transparency nicely offsets the opulent green notes.

We found the perfume’s complex aura to be fit for both male and female wearers. It’s particularly suited for individuals who love woody fragrances that defy conventional masculine/feminine roles.

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6. Replica At The Barber’s

Time: Day
Season: Spring and summer
Signatures: Aromatic, fresh spicy, herbal, woody and musky
Keywords: Masculine, clean and fresh

Replica at the Barber’s is one of the best fragrances for men. As implied in the name, this perfume accurately nails the feeling of being at a barbershop, presumably one in Madrid.

From the herbal shaving cream to the hot towels, and lavender water; these elements are all very well represented.

The first notes we noticed in this perfume were those of basil and lavender. A hot cotton accord quickly follows these, and then some coumarin-filled sweetness of tonka bean.

Each of these ingredients reminds you of an element in the referenced setting of a barbershop. These elements work well together, creating a delightful perfume that you can wear on any given day.

And, it doesn’t hurt that its fragrance can last for up to 10 hours.

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7. Replica Promenade In the Gardens

Time: Day
Season: Spring
Signatures: Woody,  rose, patchouli, green and aromatic
Keywords: Modern, feminine, floral and fresh

When Replica was launched in 2012, Promenade In The Gardens was among the first colognes to be manufactured. Eight years down the line, this perfume is just as popular as the most recent productions.

The mastermind behind this cologne is one Carlos Benaïm, who is regarded as one of America’s most talented perfumers.

That alone should make you want to try out this perfume. But in case you need some more convincing, consider the fact that its notes are very well-balanced.

The floral notes of Turkish rose oil and freesia are nicely offset by those of vetiver oil, creating a nicely-balanced floral perfume.

Other elements of its composition include a ‘crunchy’ green accord, coriander oil, peony accord, Arabian jasmine absolute, patchouli heart oil and Australian sandalwood oil.

Fine-tuned for the 21st century individual, this perfume lacks the natural oakmoss notes. However, you will get some slight sourness from the Coriander, a vaguely jammy rose and pungent woods.

Promenade in the Gardens allegedly evokes the feeling of taking a stroll through the British gardens in Oxfordshire in 1986.

But in our opinion, it evokes Paris more than it does Oxford. There’s just something about its notes that makes it so similar to a classic French perfume.

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8. Replica Sailing Day Eau de Toilette

Time: Day
Season: Summer
Signatures: Marine, aromatic, aquatic, woody, aldehydic and salty
Keywords: Light, soft and versatile

Released back in 2017, Sailing Day is another welcome addition to the Replica series. This perfume time-travels us back to those days when you’d go sailing through the turquoise blue waters of the sea.

Boasting notes of coriander, aquatic accord and red seaweed essence, Sailing Day is among the lightest colognes from this brand.

It invokes a smooth, laid-back attitude, making it suitable for times when you simply want to chill out.

In fact, the ideal season to wear this perfume is Summer. Its fresh-aquatic notes provide a nice refreshing feeling when temperatures and humidity start to soar.

Plus, it’s highly versatile; hence it can be worn to any occasion.

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9. Replica Music Festival

Time: Day
Season: Fall
Signatures: Woody, smoky, cannabis, aromatic, patchouli and balsamic
Keywords: Calming, warm and spicy

The Music Festival perfume draws inspiration from the Woodstock Festival of 1969. Just a little bit of background: this ceremony was held to foster peace through music at a time when there had been a great deal of political unrest. This perfume was thus designed to commemorate the event.

Fragrance-wise, smoky tobacco and cannabis sativa are the most dominant notes at the top.

However, the incorporation of crunchy red apple and violet leaves ensures that the marijuana accord stays airy and brisk. It creates subtle, aromatic, leafy tobacco notes as opposed to overly-sweetened ones.

Maison also saw it fit to include patchouli, which enhances the earthiness of tobacco. The dry down is just right, and it’s made up of notes that mimic outdoorsy woods and worn leather.

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10. Replica Fantasies Flying

Time: Day
Season: Summer
Signatures: Citrus, white floral, floral, ozonic, fresh spicy and woody
Keywords: Airy and citrusy

As you might have guessed from its name, this perfume accurately captures the human desire to reach the skies.

This act of defying gravity is expressed through the notes of almond blossom, neroli essence, orange flower, bergamot and musk, just to mention a few.

When you open this perfume’s bottle, you will be hit with a fresh and citrusy scent. This will later transition to a nice almond scent.

If you’re keen, you may also be able to detect the smooth, spicy vibe going on in the background.

What we like most about Replica Flying is that it’s a powerful fragrance without being too overwhelming.

It’s a perfume that you can easily wear all day long, whether you’re in a formal or casual setting.

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11. Replica, Under the Lemon Trees

Time: Day
Season: Summer and spring
Signatures: Green, citrus, aromatic, woody and spicy
Keywords: Citrusy, bright, fresh and clean

Under the Lemon Trees is a rather unique spray. Unique in the sense that it’s not what we expected.

When we used it for the first time, we were hit with a riff of zesty lemon. But this only lasted for a short while.

Essentially, don’t expect this perfume to smell of bright, tart lemons. Sure, that first burst of lemon is zesty, but it’s neither sweet nor tart.

So as the zesty fragrance slowly disappears, the other notes become apparent particularly those of coriander and musk.

The perfume’s subtle lemony notes explain the origin of its name. It’s the kind of fragrance you get if you were sitting under a lemon tree, which is located in the middle of a garden tree.

You would get floral scents, and then vaguely in the background you’d be able to detect the freshness of lemon rind.

If you’re looking for a perfume with full-on lemon notes, this one might not live up to your expectations. But if you’re looking for something relaxing, Under the Lemon Trees is the ultimate choice.

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Who Are Maison Margiela?

Maison Margiela is a French fashion house established in Paris in 1988. It was named after its founder Martin Margiela. Martin is known for his unconventional approach to making male and female attires.

Deconstruction and androgynous are just a few of the terms that we can use to describe his creations.

Given their unconventional approach to textile, we always knew that their fragrances were going to be a far cry from what society regards as traditional.

Their Replica series is a good case in point. It constitutes perfumes, which are associated with a particular event. As a result, these fragrances evoke certain feelings, images, and memories.

Replica Flower Market, for instance, makes us think of freshly-cut flowers and flower vases brimming with water. Replica Under the Lemon Trees invites us to catch a snooze under lemon trees as we enjoy the refreshing, citrusy scents.

Are Maison Margiela fragrances good?

This brand has a wonderful collection of fragrances. While the majority of its creations are devoted to the warmer months, there are a couple suitable for the colder months as well. You will also find Maison’s perfumes categorized as being ideal for either daytime or nighttime. Maison has ensured that there’s something for everyone.

When it comes to scents, these perfumes smell fresh, clean and crisp. Each of their fragrances is made of premium-quality ingredients and draws inspiration from a specific event or moment. Chances are, you will make some incredible memories yourself when you’re wearing them.

The only drawback is that these perfumes are quite expensive. But if you factor in their divine scents and long-lasting effects, they are worth every penny.