Best Cinnamon Perfumes 2021 – Yearly Review

Cinnamon is a great scent during colder days, especially during the winter. We have listed the 12 best cinnamon perfumes of today – for every occasion and budget.

Snowy days, christmas, fall and office parties in December – there are few scents that are as great as cinnamon during these occasions.

However, it can be quite hard to find good, quality cinnamon fragrances. A lot of them are often too offensive and/ord have a synthetic smell to them.

In our yearly review, we have kicked out all of those bad perfumes and highlighted the good ones!

12 Best Cinnamon Perfumes

Having a cinnamon perfume should be standard for all people. It’s truly a great scent during fall and winterr.

To help you pick the one that suits you the best, we have listed this years best cinnamon fragrances.

1. Serge Lutens Feminité du Bois

Time: Day
Season: Fall, winter
Signatures: Warm spicy, woody, fruity, powdery
Keywords: Unisex, gentle, warming, comforting

One of our favorite things about Serge Lutens fragrances, regardless of how they actually smell, is the bottle that they come encapsulated in. There is such minimalism and class to them. It is very hard to hate.

Feminité du Bois was released in 2009 using a mix of aromatic elements to achieve its olfactory outcome. The top notes consist of Virginia cedar, cinnamon, plum, and peach. These four notes are quite prominent in the fragrance.

In the middle, clove and ginger add the familiar warming aroma of spice. Alongside them are floral notes, with ylang-ylang, violet, rose, and African orange flower all present. At the base, sandalwood, benzoin, musk, and vanilla show. These are typical entries.

This fragrance is marketed by the brand as unisex though we see how the name might make some think otherwise. It becomes evident when you smell it that either a man or woman can enjoy wearing this, though it leans just slightly feminine.

The cinnamon is prominent but doesn’t overwhelm. This warms gently without going too hard on the spiciness. A little bit more on the performance side and it’d have been excellent.

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2. Christian Dior Dolce Vita

Time: Day, night
Season: Winter, fall
Signatures: Warm spicy, woody, powdery, vanilla
Keywords: Classy, elegant, luxurious, successful

When translated directly, Dolce Vita means ‘sweet life’. Figuratively, it is not too far off, alluding to a life of opulence and luxury. The bottle has an appropriate appearance considering that, and the fragrance inside is likely to carry the same vibe.

Released in 1994, this fragrance bears a complex formulation. Fruits make up half of the top notes, represented by peach, a major element, bergamot, and rose. The soft sweetness of rose and lily are made more interesting by cardamom.

In the middle, fruits and flowers reoccur, with apricot, lily, heliotrope, and magnolia. However, the star of the fragrance – cinnamon – is also in this tier. Brazilian rosewood closes it off.

The base of the fragrance borrows coconut and vanilla for a creamy tropical sweetness and is completed with the woodiness of cedar and sandalwood.

This perfume is for women who know they are classy, beautiful, and elegant. It carries a confident air and it dominates the room relentlessly.

Dolce Vita is a scent for women who have no fear. They are the woman who know they are stars.

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3. Givenchy Organza Indecence

Time: Night
Season: Winter, fall
Signatures: Warm spicy, cinnamon, vanilla, amber
Keywords: Sophisticated, goddess, feminine, gorgeous

Shaped like the frame of an elegant woman in a flowing gown, the bottle of Organza Indecence is quite unusual. But it tells us what to expect: a fragrance for the most composed of beautiful women.

Launched before the turn of the millennium, the sensual fragrance utilizes a rather simple list of notes. Brazilian rosewood and patchouli allow for an earthy, woody flavor at the onset, before allowing Ceylon cinnamon, the major element, to kick in alongside plum.

The base is made up of vanilla, amber, and musk alone.

The fragrance is a perfect match for the kind of woman it encompasses. The cinnamon is major, with a creaminess gifted by the vanilla. It’s like a delicious cinnamon bun straight out of the oven. There’s a richness to this that just speaks of beauty.

Performance-wise, Organza Indecence is a fabulous fragrance choice. Both the longevity and sillage are on the stronger side, so this is a smell that will fill whatever room you chose to captivate with your elegant femininity.

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4. Erox Realm Women

Time: Night, day
Season: Winter, fall
Signatures: Floral, citrus, vanilla, honey
Keywords: Seductive, lustful, attractive, pleasurable

In 1993, Erox released Realm Women. It comes in an irregularly shaped bottle, as if mimicking some kind of modern art piece. It’s an unusual look, though nothing too polarizing, we’d say. That’s not the most interesting thing about this perfume, however.

One look at the formulation doesn’t reveal anything too unusual. The top notes are Sicilian mandarin and cassia, of which the citrus fruit is dominant in the scent. The middles are floral, with the sweetness of water lily and peony quite evident too.

The base notes aren’t anything strange either. Vanilla and honey playing large roles in the perfume too.

When you take a look at the box, that’s when you’ll realize one ‘note’ that never made the listing. Human pheromones. That’s right. That natural chemical that our bodies give off to attract mates. This is a perfume that takes the seduction a step further.

Maybe its that element that smells like cinnamon, because despite it not being listed, we certainly found a cinnamon scent in this.

Ultimately, this is a perfume that will bring the men rolling in while keeping performance to the max.

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5. Chopard Casmir

Time: Night, day
Season: Winter, fall
Signatures: Vanilla, amber, warm spicy, fruity
Keywords: Relaxing, gentle, comfortable, calm

Casmir by Chopard comes in a relatively small bottle. It looks like a sphere was compressed halfway into a disk, and then had a neck and cap attached to that short profile. With the gold color of the liquid, neck, and cap though, this seems like a wealthy fragrance.

Launched back in 1992, Casmir puts together a total of 20 notes for an incredibly complex formulation. Here, we’ll mention the major notes that make up this scent.

The top note is made up entirely of fruits, with the sweet and relatively creamy flavors of peach, apricot, and mango playing large roles. Raspberry and blackcurrant are also players here.

In the middle, cinnamon is dominant, with carnation, geranium, jasmine, and lily-of-the-valley offering floral backup.

The base has vanilla, arguably the most prominent note in the fragrance, paired with benzoin, tonka bean, and amber, amongst others.

Despite its opulent looks, this is one scent that you can get without breaking the bank. There is a lot of value here. The notes come together to form a comforting, warm fragrance that fits perfectly on autumn evenings and even in the winter.

We’ve talked about the price already, but once again, this is a true gem considering that. It smells amazing, with a floral vanilla joining a spicy cinnamon, and it will last eight hours at least.

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6. Queen Latifah Queen of Hearts

Time: Day, night
Season: Fall, winter
Signatures: Amber, warm spicy, fruity, white floral
Keywords: Sophisticated, warm, commanding, lovely

A lot of people’s first instinct when it comes to celebrity scents is that they are low cost and poor quality. Of course, we won’t say that that’s not the case with many of them, but in some cases, the celebrities have cracked the formula and built a solid line-up.

In this case, Queen of Hearts from Queen Latifah is a quality cinnamon offering.

The idea behind this fragrance is one that is elegant and feminine, with a warm romanticism that makes it perfect for the fall season.

Cinnamon is the prime note for this perfume, leading the way in the top notes. It is joined by mostly fruits, with plum, bergamot, and other citrus flavors. The middle makes use of white florals and red berries.

Heavier fragrances bring up the base, with sweet incense, vanilla, olibanum, and amber being joined by patchouli and musk.

For such an affordable fragrance, the performance is admirable. This is an average perfume in terms of longevity and sillage. But sometimes average is all you need. It is a sophisticated, spicy-sweet fragrance, and it fits the autumn atmosphere beautifully.

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7. Bath and Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin

Time: Day
Season: Fall
Signatures: Warm spicy, cinnamon, fruity, fresh
Keywords: Sweet, homely, cozy, bold

This isn’t a premium perfume, so the fact that it comes in what is a rather basic bottle should be no surprise to most people. It clearly gives off autumn vibes with the orange tones, the fall leaves, and the pumpkin aroma.

Composition is rather simple here. The top notes are pumpkin, ginger, and apple. The middle notes are cinnamon, jasmine, and ginger once again, and the base is vanilla, rum, and amber.

These all comes together for a perfume that is sweet and simultaneously spicy, smelling like a delicious autumn-time dessert.

The cinnamon is a central note here, with that characteristic sweet spice at play. That note alone is enough to make anyone around you want a taste.

One major complaint is that the cinnamon note is a bit synthetic-smelling, though don’t mistake that with it being bad. It just means that it is more of a ‘soapy’ cinnamon, which is a smell anyone can love.

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8. Serge Lutens Five O’Clock Au Gingembre

Time: Day
Season: Fall, winter
Signatures: Warm spicy, woody, fresh spicy, cinnamon
Keywords: Sophisticated, warm, uplifting, unisex

It’s back to Serge Lutens with those handsome bottles of theirs. We can’t not fall in love with each one that we see. This one takes on a light brown tone to it, and it looks exquisite.

Launched in 2008, Five O’Clock Au Gingembre goes heavy on the ‘warm’ notes. It won’t take long to guess that this is a fragrance for the warmer months.

The fragrance opens with the scents of tea and bergamot. Think of a warm citrus-infused beverage in the cold of the year. Then, to push that further, cinnamon, woodsy notes, and candied ginger come to spice things up.

In the base of the fragrance, pepper, honey, amber, cacao, and patchouli, round off the scent. Most of these can come together to make a fancy autumn beverage to warm you up through the cold. The scent of this alone does that.

This is a unisex fragrance so anyone can wear it. We’re glad that’s the case because it’d be a shame to put such a formulation on only one side of the divide.

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9. Purple Lips Sensual by Salvador Dali

Time: Night, day
Season: Fall, winter
Signatures: Woody, warm spicy, amber, cinnamon
Keywords: Unisex, balanced, unique, artistic

From a brand named after the famous artist Salvador Dali, it is not too much to expect a fragrance which displays an almost feminine beauty akin to a work of art. The bottle does its best to be an art piece on its own: a strong purple color with imprinted lips.

The opening makes use of blackcurrant and violet in subtle quantities, representing the purple theme of the fragrance. Pepper and freesia come in to complete the top.

The middle holds the three most prominent notes in the entire fragrance, being cinnamon, Somalian opoponax, and vanilla orchid. Those come together to create something breath-taking. You’d need to experience it to be convinced.

At the base, patchouli, sandalwood, and amber round off the formulation.

The fragrance is marketed towards women, but we’d say it gives off more of a unisex vibe as it fails to lean towards any gender extreme.

Longevity on the skin is excellent. It will last over twelve hours on the skin and will project nicely in the first third of that.

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10. Un Jardin Sur Le Nil by Hermès

Time: Day
Season: Summer
Signatures: Citrus, aromatic, floral, fresh spicy
Keywords: Natural, outdoors, exquisite, masterful

The popular fashion brand launched Un Jardin Sur Le Nil in 2005 as a unisex fragrance. This is a scent which is meant to be like a whole journey the moment you take it in.

It comes in a bottle that doesn’t scream or dominate. It’s what we’d term a quiet sophistication.

The mission this fragrance sets out to complete is the reason for all the exotic notes that come into play.

The top notes are grapefruit, green mango, and tomato. It’s a relatively unusual fruit combination made more so by the addition of carrot. That’s not often seen in fragrances.

The middle notes get a lot of love from soft flowers like peony, lotus, and hyacinth. Bulrush and orange fill in the gaps. The base formation here has musk, as is its typical position, yet iris, incense, cinnamon, and labdanum, to close off a relatively unorthodox fragrance.

The way the notes blend here feels masterful. It’s a complex fragrance that smells like a natural experience. The grapefruit, tomato, and flowers bring out the aroma of a fresh garden. It is truly a journey on its own.

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11. Estée Lauder Cinnabar

Time: Night
Season: Winter, fall
Signatures: Warm spicy, amber, woody, balsamic
Keywords: Seductive, feminine, beautiful, classic

Cinnabar is the veteran on this list. Released all the way back in 1978, this fragrance is a complex brew of notes and flavors in a very simplistic bottle.

It’s going to be tough to list the 21 notes that coalesce to produce the formulation that is Cinnabar. We’ll talk of the most dominant ones.

In the top, spices, cloves, and tangerine and peach play a role in the opening. Cinnamon is one of the two most dominant notes, if not the most, besides the spices in the top. It is joined by a bouquet of flowers made up of carnations, ylang-ylang, jasmine, lily, rose, and lily-of-the-valley.

The most prominent notes in the base are incense and tolu balsam. Benzoin, amber, and sandalwood don’t shy away though.

With that old school formulation, it seems to maintain some tricks to achieving perfect potency because this fragrance is a beast in that regard. The sillage is like walking in a mist of smooth cinnamon. And longevity? 12 hours later, it’s still there.

This is an amazing fragrance. Stunningly gorgeous to breath in and to wear.

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12. Christian Aguilera Red Sin

Time: Day
Season: Winter, fall
Signatures: Warm spicy, cinnamon, fruity, fresh
Keywords: Soft, intimate, subtle, feminine

This is another celebrity fragrance, but before you have any strong opinions form over it, we’ll tell you that it is quite an excellent scent in a quirky tall bottle.

Red Sin was launched by the famous singer in 2012 with something of a simple formulation at play. Cinnamon and red apple are the two most prominent fragrances, and they sit paired together among the top notes. It is dessert-like.

The middle note is the simple floral of cyclamen on its lonesome, and ginger, sandalwood, and musk are the base players.

This scent is soft and sweet. If you’re looking for something punchy then you won’t find it here. It is subtle and intimate, and we think that’s where the value is. It is a scent for doing your best charming up close and personal.

Of course, with such a soft aura, it doesn’t project far. It doesn’t last long either. But we can’t deny that it smells great.

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