Best Colognes to Attract Females 2021 – 12 Scents That Women Love

This is a very delicate topic that demands precision and knowledge. We have gathered the 12 best colognes to attract female – no matter your age, occasion or personality. These are the perfumes you need.

Smelling good for the ladies is one thing – attracting them is another.

We have gone through boat loads of colognes to see which ones attract females the most.

They don’t even have to be intense or offensive. They “just” need that special ingrediense that makes women go “whoa, what and who is that”, while walking past you.

It’s obviously hard for companies to produce colognes that have that special “it”. But some have really succeeded and thus, changed a lot of mens lives.

12 Best Colognes to Attract Females

No matter how old you are, what your occupation is or where you want to wear the cologne – we have found a scent for every type of man.

The only common denominator is that they all attract females.

To help you find the best one for you, we have carefully categorized them by scent, best time of the day and season to wear each cologne.

And hey – good luck out there!

1. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

Time: Night
Season: Winter, fall
Signatures: Vanilla, sweet, tobacco, warm spicy
Keywords: Authentic, confident, sexy, masculine

We’d never say that the price of a cologne affects its smell, but we do think it changes your carriage when you know how expensive your scent is. As a Tom Ford fragrance, this is expensive.

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille comes in a mostly angular black bottle. It is modern and sexy in its simplicity. Tobacco fragrances carry an air of confidence, wealth, and maturity, so we hoped that this one would have the same.

Tobacco Vanille is rather tame when it comes to its notes. One of the two titular notes, tobacco leaf, shows up in the opening along with spicy notes. In the middle, vanilla comes in, equally as prominent as tobacco. It is joined by cacao, tonka, and tobacco blossom.

At the base, dried fruits and woody notes finish it up.

When you think of high-street fall and winter fashion on incredibly suave and handsome men, this is what you can imagine them wearing. This fragrance smells like quality – warm and comforting in the cold.

It is tough for tobacco fragrances to get better than this. It is also hard for them to perform better, considering that this lasts 10 hours at a go and fills up the room without reservation. This is amazing.

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2. Davidoff Cool Water

Time: Day
Season: Summer, spring
Signatures: Aromatic, marine, green, fresh spicy
Keywords: Clean, suave, appealing, fresh

Coming in a tall blue bottle, clean and translucent like a sapphire, Davidoff’s Cool Water fragrance is far from being a newcomer into the cologne business. This fragrance was first launched in 1988.

This is a masculine fragrance that banks on the power of aquatic and green notes to pull in the ladies. It goes in deep in the formulation.

The top notes are the most in the fragrance, with sea water being the most prominent in the entire scent, followed by lavender, mint, and green notes. Others in the top are rosemary, calone, and the spice of coriander.

The middle has the white floral influence from jasmine and neroli, and geranium adding more flowery sweetness. Sandalwood is the last in the heart of the fragrance.

The base goes for traditionally more masculine ingredients, with musk, tobacco, oakmoss, and cedar giving edge to the cologne and dialling back the sweetness. Amber is the final note here.

This is a very fresh and clean scent, so for a man who likes to be clean shaven and dress light yet sharp, this is the way to go. The freshness makes it a great choice for the summer for any man.

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3. Versace Eros Flame

Time: Night, day
Season: Fall, winter, spring
Signatures: Citrus, aromatic, vanilla, fresh spicy
Keywords: Sexy, dynamic, intense, intimate

These square Versace bottles flanking the original Eros are well known. This is Eros Flame, so the whole bottle takes on a crimson hue. It’s an intense color.

This was launched in 2018 and the fragrance within is meant to be a take on ‘passionate love’ according to the house.

Prominent in the opening is the sweet citrus smell of mandarin, joined by chinotto and lemon. Black pepper and rosemary give a kick of spice to the fragrance. Pepper returns in the middle, softened by geranium and rose accompanying it.

In the base, vanilla and tonka are also dominant in the cologne, but the entire scent is made more masculine with sandalwood, Texas cedar, oakmoss, and patchouli at play.

True to form, performance here is amazing. Eros Flame will stick with you for over 10 hours while projecting beautifully throughout. This is a beast.

If it’s compliments you want, then you won’t be going wrong with this. It is sweet yet spicy, and hot yet cold. This works great for younger men looking for that scent to reel in the ladies.

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4. Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio Profumo

Time: Day, night
Season: Spring, summer, fall
Signatures: Aromatic, marine, fresh spicy, amber
Keywords: Versatile, masculine, reliable, simple

There’s not much to say about the bottle that Giorgio Armani put Acqua di Gio Profumo in. It is black, with silver accents and text. It looks good, in the same way a great fitted black suit does.

This is a flanker of the original Acqua di Gio released in 1996. According to the house, the fragrance is meant to encapsulate the smell of sea waves merging with black rocks.

The formulation is quite simple, the dominance in the sea notes and bergamot in the opening, as well as the incense and patchouli at the bottom. Rosemary, sage, and geranium fit in the middle of the scent, serving as accents.

If you’re looking for a versatile male fragrance that works pretty much anywhere you take it, this is the one. It is an instant compliment-getter, whether in the office, at a dinner, or just a family gathering.

When it comes to performance, it lets us down a bit. We like our male scents to be strong and unapologetic and this one wavers a bit on that account. By no means is the performance mediocre, though.

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5. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Intense for Men

Time: Day
Season: Summer, spring
Signatures: Aromatic, citrus, marine, fresh spicy
Keywords: Soft, intimate, sensitive, caring

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this shouldn’t have the word ‘intense’ in its name. It’s far from what we’d picture a bottle for an intense masculine fragrance to look like, with the soft font and cyan tone.

D&G would like to change your mind though. Light Blue Intense has just six notes in all, opening with the citrus pairing of grapefruit and mandarin. Sea water is the dominant note in the cologne, tied together with juniper in the heart. Amberwood, an uncommon choice, is with musk at the base.

The aquatic note is very well done here, smelling as clean and fresh as anyone would expect, with just a little bit of green to it. The citrus is what opens it up though, and that adds to the clean, soapy vibe.

This performs well enough to warrant the ‘intense’ tag. It can last as long as 10 hours and it projects about five feet away, which is acceptable.

This isn’t for that alpha male effect, if that’s what you’re in search of. Instead, this goes for a more sensitive, intimate man. Women who want that kind of person will definitely find themselves moving in.

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6. Christian Dior Sauvage

Time: Day, night
Season: Spring, summer, fall
Signatures: Fresh spicy, amber, citrus, aromatic
Keywords: Masculine, year-round, strong, popular

Sauvage is one of the names that pops up quite frequently if you’re looking for one of the defining male fragrances of recent years. It was launched in 2015 and has carved out a place for itself when it comes to male colognes.

This is a scent that is meant to bring an interpretation of the openness of nature and the wild. It comes in a bottle which is rather simple for such an ‘open’ scent.

The opening is fresh and spicy, thanks to the mix of pepper and Calabrian bergamot. The middle is the most weighted, with Sichuan and pink pepper, lavender, geranium, elemi, patchouli, and vetiver here.

The base uses the scent molecule ambroxan, along with cedar and labdanum.

This fragrance starts sharp which might make many people run away from it. That’s likely due to the pepper notes. But give it time and there is a whole lot to love in this.

It smells synthetic but we wouldn’t say that that’s in a bad way at all. It is spicy and strong, and works well pretty much year round. It is popular so a lot of people will be harsh on it, but it is quite exceptional.

If you’re looking for a compliment getter, go Sauvage.

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7. Chanel Bleu de Chanel

Time: Day, night
Season: Spring, summer, fall
Signatures: Citrus, warm spicy, woody, aromatic
Keywords: Delicate, elegant, quiet, pleasant

Looking at Bleu de Chanel head on, the deep black of the square front face looks back at you, with the cylindrical black cap on top. It is one of the simplest designs but there is so much presence to it.

On spraying Bleu de Chanel, the first thing that hits you is that aromatic citrus freshness of the opening. Grapefruit and lemon are the only citrus elements in this, with mint and pink pepper with them.

The spices continue into the middle, thanks to ginger and nutmeg. Jasmine gives a little floral sweetness and the scent molecule Iso E Super is also present.

The base is stacked, with the most prominent notes being incense, vetiver, cedar, and sandalwood. Patchouli, labdanum, and white musk play roles too, though mostly minor amidst the others.

This is a safe and pleasant fragrance. We find it hard to think anyone would hate this, but we still consider it a good blind buy for a man. It is fresh yet smoky, carrying a gentle elegance to its scent.

It performs delicately, with average performance, but for a scent like this, it works to its benefit.

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8. Paco Rabanne 1 Million

Time: Night
Season: Winter, fall
Signatures: Warm spicy, cinnamon, citrus, amber
Keywords: Powerful, opulent, masculine, seductive

In 2008, Paco Rabanne launched what would be one of their most popular fragrances. 1 Million comes in a boxy bottle that is meant to resemble a gold bar. The labelling is even carved in for authenticity.

This is a fragrance that was made for men to express their power, wealth, and seduction. It puts together some interesting notes in order to achieve this effect.

The top is fresh, with blood mandarin and grapefruit as the citrus choices, and mint giving some of its characteristic freshness.

In the middle, the dominant note, cinnamon, plays together with rose and general spicy notes. The base is then held by amber, leather, woody notes, and Indian patchouli, for that final masculine lean.

We talked about how this is meant to exhibit power and wealth. It’s easy to say that it does that with its performance. This is one of the strongest colognes on the list. It will fill a room and last over 10 hours pretty easily.

Don’t let the garishness of the bottle chase you away. The creamy masculine blend of the base notes with the spiciness creates a captivating effect.

This fragrance is truly outstanding, and it will definitely bring in the ladies without a hitch.

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9. Prada L’Homme

Time: Day
Season: Spring, summer, fall
Signatures: Powdery, iris, violet, woody
Keywords: Safe, clean, familiar, smooth

Prada L’Homme has a bottle that resembles an alcohol flask thanks to its flat profile and a kind of silvery transparency. This makes us hope for a fragrance within which is modern and manly.

Some uncommon notes come to play in L’Homme and we always love to see how they work out in the fragrance. The top notes are neroli, black pepper, cardamom, and the unusual choice of carrot seeds.

The middle goes down the floral route thanks to iris, violet, and geranium. Mate gives an herbal note to the heart. The base uses amber, cedar, patchouli, and sandalwood. These seem to be staples for the tier.

L’Homme, to us, is a man scent. Whether you are old or young, it is hard to see a man who can’t pull this off with ease. It is clean and safe with its formulation and makes for an excellent blind buy.

It is masculine, but it is not overwhelmingly so. Some people might find it boring due to how safe it is, but sometimes going down a comfortable and familiar route is the way to play.

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10. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

Time: Night
Season: Winter, fall
Signatures: Vanilla, aromatic, fresh spicy, lavender
Keywords: Classy, comforting, sensual, sweet

Shaped like a male torso, finished in teal with white stripes in the top half, and with a loop similar to a grenade’s fixed in the neck, Le Male makes a statement before you even smell it.

This is meant to be a masculine, yet gentle and sensual fragrance. That was the aim of the scent when it was first launched back in 1995.

Opening with spices, lavender and mint dominate this fragrance. They are joined by cardamom, bergamot, and artemisia. Artemisia is one of those interesting notes that you just have to see how they play out.

The middle uses that sweet spiciness of cinnamon, with caraway and orange blossom. The base is more familiar. Vanilla and tonka play the biggest part, with a sweet creaminess which is almost sensual. Amber, sandalwood, and cedar bring up the rear.

This is smooth and strong. It is heavy and spicy, so it makes it fit beautifully as a winter or fall fragrance, thanks to that comfort. Projection is good, stretching more than two arm’s lengths away and it lasts over 8 hours.

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11. Kenneth Cole Mankind Hero

Time: Day, night
Season: Spring, fall, summer
Signatures: Aromatic, woody, vanilla, fresh
Keywords: Unique, outdoorsy, sweet, masculine

Mankind Hero sets out to capture the scent of the mountain man. One who doesn’t shy away from a little adrenaline and is at peace with nature. That rugged masculinity is the essence of this.

The interesting note of mountain air is the dominating tone in this cologne, with strong influence from lemon in the opening as well.

The middle relies on lavender and vanilla, which are defining in the fragrance as well. Clary sage and plum wood add some dynamism to it.

The base uses white musk, coumarin, oakmoss, and amberwood, which are quite different from what we typically expect to see in the base notes.

This is a very unique way to go with a masculine scent, thanks to the mountain air note. It gives a fresh airiness to this that just gives this a special character. The vanilla is also dominant, and the sweetness is not too much.

This is an affordable fragrance with average performance, lasting about 6 hours for most.

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12. Chanel Allure Homme Sport

Time: Day
Season: Summer, spring
Signatures: Citrus, aromatic, aldehydic, vanilla
Keywords: Clean, sporty, masculine, sexy

If there was ever a bottle that was as simple yet sexy and sporty like this, we’d be hard-pressed to show you it. The bottle is boxy, done in a clean grey. The font carries that sporty nature. If a supercar was a perfume bottle, then it’d look like this.

This is a fresher take on Chanel’s regular Allure Homme, in order to give it a more active character.

The top notes in this are the strongest, with pretty much all of them standing out very prominently. Orange and mandarin give it the citrus that we expect from sport scents, with sea notes and aldehydes giving a freshness.

The middle notes are pepper, neroli, and cedar, with minor influence on the cologne. The base utilizes tonka and vanilla for a basal creaminess, and white musk, amber, vetiver, and elemi resin also there.

This is a fragrance for the warmer months that will definitely bring the women flocking in, and the compliments won’t stop. This has excellent longevity, nearly half a full day, so it will keep the ladies coming all day.

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