Best Magnolia Perfume 2021 – 12 Top Magnolia Scents

In this article we’ll help you find the best mgnolia perfume for you. We have 12 wonderful magnolia scents in all price ranges and for all occasions.

There are a lot of magnolia fragrances out there, unfortunately, not even half of them are worth the name.

Synthetic scents, weak longevity and sillage is not uncommon, even from some of the top fashion houses!

But don’t worry, there are still some phenomenal magnolia scents out there – and we have tracked them down!

12 Best magnolia perfumes

We have gone through hills, sandstorms and oceans to find these 12 perfumes.

It was not an easy task, but we made it.

Here are 12 great magnolia scents for every budget, occasion and taste.

1. Acqua di Parma Magnolia Nobile

Time: Day
Season: Spring, summer
Signatures: Citrus, floral, white floral, woody, aromatic
Keywords: Elegant, delicate, beautiful, sophisticated

Opulence! That’s the first word that comes to our mind when we gaze upon the wonder that is the bottle of Acqua di Parma Magnolia Nobile. The simple design and that rich gold color are amazing.

The formulation of Magnolia Nobile is rather uncomplicated. The top notes are all citrus, being citron, lemon, and bergamot.

The middle notes are all floral – mostly white floral – with magnolia being the prevalent note here, joined by jasmine, tuberose, and rose.

The base notes are earthier, with vetiver, sandalwood, patchouli. Vanilla is the odd one out here.

This is a sophisticated female fragrance. It is sweet and mature, and despite the heavy floral middles, it is not excessively sweet. This scent evokes happiness for us.

The magnolia here is soft and sweet, giving the fragrance a quiet elegance. It is what we imagine a beautiful woman in a sundress wearing while picnicking in a picturesque location.

It is a beautiful choice and it performs accordingly. It will last about seven hours typically, and it doesn’t project too intensely, which fits the character of the fragrance.

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2. Avon Femme

Time: Day
Season: Spring
Signatures: Floral, citrus, fruity, powdery
Keywords: Elegant, feminine, chic, bright

Encased in a flacon shaped and cut like a gem, Femme really exudes a glamorous quality from the moment you set eyes on it. It is a classy aesthetic.

The top notes of this fragrance are distinctly flavorful. Pink grapefruit is the most prominent note in the top tier, with violet and plum accompanying. Magnolia is the major fragrance though, filling the scent with its white floral sweetness. Jasmine and wild orchid add to the flowery tone.

The base notes include musk, amber, and woody notes, which are the usual culprits. The unique part is the peach sitting here too. Fruity notes aren’t typically at the base, so this is an interesting take.

As we expected from its appearance, this is a chic scent. The magnolia is the major element, providing the fragrance with a sweet brightness. It does this with an elegance, not in a young, girly manner.

Its performance is just okay, lasting about six hours on a few sprays. It projects about three feet around, which helps clean scents like this go gentler. You don’t always want a floral perfume to be a beast.

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3. Atelier Cologne Sud Magnolia

Time: Day
Season: Spring
Signatures: Citrus, floral, woody, rose
Keywords: Pretty, safe, unisex, sweet

There’s a modern art aesthetic to the bottle of Sud Magnolia. The offset red label and the deep blue glass of the bottle. It stands out among its peers.

Magnolia is the central element of this fragrance, unsurprisingly. It’s in the name after all. However, the opening of this perfume is where the most interesting notes are.

The uncommon citrus choices of pomelo and bitter orange were the choices by Atelier Cologne, paired with the dark sweetness that blackcurrant brings in.

The middle is all floral, with magnolia making its appearance here, alongside the beautiful floral accompaniment of rose and saffron. Don’t let all the fruits and flowers fool you. This is unisex.

The base is less interesting. Musk, and the woods of atlas cedar and sandalwood pull the fragrance back from the sweet territory it was moving towards.

While this sticks around on the skin for about five hours, it projects very softly. In fact, we should probably say too softly. You could say it’s an intimate fragrance but the truth is that it needs more in terms of performance. It’s simply too little.

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4. L’Instant de Guerlain

Time: Day, night
Season: Winter, fall
Signatures: Floral, vanilla, sweet, amber, powdery
Keywords: Feminine, mature, sophisticated, classic

Guerlain is one of the oldest perfume houses in the world and with such a long-standing company comes a lot of experience. It is impossible to think that Guerlain doesn’t know what they’re doing.

The bottle doesn’t go for anything too extreme. At the same time though, it looks exquisite. The combination of that light purple and the gold liquid within is a heavenly look.

Launched back in 2003, this was the first Guerlain fragrance to incorporate magnolia. This makes it rather important in their line-up of fragrances.

The top consists of mandarin, bergamot, and red apple. The middle dominates the fragrance with its florals. Magnolia sits here, with iris, ylang-ylang, and jasmine.

White honey and vanilla are situated in the base and appear prominently in the fragrance. Amber adds to the sweetness, with only benzoin and musk pulling things back.

As you can tell from the notes, this is a very sweet perfume. It is soft and gentle with the sweetness, like the arms of a loving mother. There’s some sophistication to it, so don’t write it off as a mom scent.

The sweetness may be too much for some women, so don’t attempt a blind buy. Longevity is about eight hours, and projection is quite strong as well.

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5. Avon Rare Pearls

Time: Day
Season: Winter, fall, spring
Signatures: Floral, woody, honey, sweet, warm spicy
Keywords: Elegant, simple, gentle, beautiful

It is only expected that the bottle for a fragrance like Avon Rare Pearls will go for a crystal milkiness that captures the look of a pearl.

Magnolia is the sole note in the heart of this perfume, and it powers through into the opening. It is the defining note in the fragrance.

In the opening, the scent of white honey and pepper can be picked out, blending subtly with the middle. Brazilian rosewood and plum are also present. The base has sandalwood, musk, and patchouli.

This is for the beautiful woman who isn’t afraid to embrace their feminine aura while feeling stylish and graceful at the same time.

The white floral scent here is strong, so women who aren’t fans of that will most likely not like this. However, we find it to be a very natural and subtle magnolia. It smells amazing.

Performance is good, so this fragrance will have you feeling pretty all day. You’ll feel pampered and beautiful with this on.

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6. Britney Spears Curious

Time: Day
Season: Spring
Signatures: Floral, white floral, aquatic, fruity, sweet
Keywords: Youthful, sweet, clean, safe

Celebrities do fragrance lines all the time. They tend not to be anything ground-breaking or that will stay on your shelf and be talked about for years to come. Britney Spears might be one of the exceptions.

Curious was launched for the first time in 2004. This was when the singer’s career was still at its great heights. Despite not being in the spotlight as much, this fragrance sticks out as a gem. The bottle kind of looks like one too.

Curious is a floral fragrance, opening with the most dominant note of magnolia in the top, along with lotus flower and pear. The middle is exclusively floral, with jasmine and tuberose adding to the white floral tone, and cyclamen.

At the base, the perfume is grounded with musk, white woods, and sandalwood. Vanilla is present to add a sweet creaminess to it.

This is a fragrance best for younger women and girls. The magnolia is strong and clean and bursting with youth. Some might say it should be reserved for teenagers only, but we think that might be memories talking.

This fragrance is safe and a sure compliment-getter. For the women who want to magnetize the men, this is a winner.

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7. Christian Dior J’adore

Time: Day
Season: Spring, fall
Signatures: White floral, floral, fruity, sweet, fresh
Keywords: Feminine, gorgeous, unique, mature

J’adore means “I love” in French. This scent aims to be a female fragrance which will have people starting their sentences with J’adore, whether it is your fragrance they love, or you.

This is one of the most beautiful bottles that we have ever seen, almost like a work of art. It is tall and gold, shaped like a fine vase. The cover is responsible for its height, with gold rings along its next and a crystal ball at the top.

This fragrance uses a lot of notes in its formulation. Most of them are fruits or flowers, which can provide some expectations as to how this perfume will smell. A mix of white florals and fruits, we’d say.

Magnolia is one of the top notes here, adding to the dominant white floral of the entire scent, but not stealing the show on its own. The others in the top are pear, melon, peach, mandarin, and bergamot.

The middle notes lean very heavy towards white florals, with the dominant scents being jasmine and lily-of-the-valley. Tuberose and freesia join the white flowers, with rose, orchid, violet, and plum also here.

The base has musk and cedar to pull back from the sweetness and add a little more character, but vanilla and blackberry add the finishing touches.

As you’d expect, this is very floral and powdery. The sweetness is unique and the performance is good.

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8. Versace Bright Crystal

Time: Day
Season: Spring, summer
Signatures: Floral, fresh, aquatic, citrus, woody
Keywords: Youthful, girly, energetic, sweet

Bright Crystal comes in a squarish pink bottle with a crystal cap wider than the bottle itself.

The look tells you that this is a feminine fragrance. The formulation makes that clear. The top notes are pomegranate, not seen too often in perfumes, with water notes, and yuzu, an East Asian citrus fruit.

The middle notes are all floral. Peony is a major element to the entire fragrance, with moderate contributions from lotus and magnolia. The base notes are musk, amber, and mahogany.

The moment you apply Bright Crystal, the mix of fruits and florals is clear, though sharp. As it settles in, the citrus and fruity flavors are more pronounced, but the peony still dominates the entire scent.

This is a youthful scent with a controlled sweetness. It is fruity and fresh, likely thanks to the aquatic notes. As energetic as it feels though, it doesn’t last on the skin for very long and projects equally poorly.

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9. Chloe Chloe Eau de Parfum

Time: Day
Season: Spring
Signatures: Floral, rose, fresh, fruity
Keywords: Elegant, feminine, delicate, safe

Chloe EDP comes in a striated rectangular glass bottle. On top of that is all metal, and a cute bow tied around the neck of the bottle.

The house spoke on how this fragrance is meant to be feminine but in an unorthodox way. It is meant to be elegant yet be packed with enough action and daring to create a contrast that results in a unique scent.

The fragrance is defined mostly by its white and pink flowers. The top notes include peony, freesia, and then litchi fruit. In the middle, rose dominates the fragrances, accompanied by the white florals of lily-of-the-valley and magnolia.

The base consists of Virginia cedar and amber alone.

The rose in this fragrance defines it, clean and soapy. The florals are evident in the opening, with a little bit of litchi fruitiness peeking through as well.

This is an intimate, delicate fragrance. We can see the elegance the house was going for. The daring? Not so much. Regardless, this is an amazing fresh perfume.

Chloe EDP performs quite nicely, just above average. You should still get traces of this six or seven hours in. This is a great choice for any kind of woman.

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10. Sofia Vergara Love

Time: Night, day
Season: Winter, fall
Signatures: Sweet, floral, vanilla, coffee
Keywords: Feminine, strong, delicious, sensual

This is another celebrity fragrance, and the second after Sofia Vergara’s debut scent the year before. She spoke of how the perfume is meant to portray a woman who loves being a woman.

Some of the most uncommon notes are thrown into the complex formulation for Love. This fragrance is easily a gourmand based off of these alone.

The top notes are passionfruit, green apple, mandarin, and orange blossom. In the middle Columbian coffee comes in, a tribute to Vergara’s origin, with magnolia, coffee blossom, orchid, and orris.

The base brings in praline and vanilla for that decadent sweetness. The base is then closed off by amberwood and ambrette.

The opening of this fragrance is fruity through and through thanks to the top notes. It is delicious enough to make you lick your lips. That sweetness sticks through into the dry down.

The coffee then comes in, and then the praline shortly after. All of that with the sweetness of the fruits makes Love a fragrance that is like an assortment of deserts packed into a bottle.

Performance-wise, we’re satisfied. It goes through to about eight hours, though a lot softer than it might have been four hours before.

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11. Chanel Allure Eau de Parfum

Time: Day, night
Season: Fall, winter
Signatures: Citrus, floral, vanilla, white floral
Keywords: Elegant, womanly, sexy, gorgeous

The bottles for Chanel’s Allure line of fragrances are always so beautiful in their class and simplicity. This is EDP version of the original Allure, so we can see where the beauty originates from. It is what you’d expect from the fashion side of their business.

Allure was first launched in 1999. It was intended to play on the special allure that a woman has as an individual.

The way the notes were put into this formulation is not revealed. Most prominent are peach, vanilla, and mandarin. The white florals of jasmine and magnolia play strong roles too, with bergamot too.

Cedar and vetiver dry the fragrance down from too much sweet. The remaining notes act as minor complements – orange blossom, rose, peony, and lotus.

This fragrance can be the allure on its own for any man who breathes it in. It is a sexy choice, with a masterful softness to it as the sweet opening dissipates.

This is an elegant fragrance. We’d say any age can wear it, but older fashionable women will be more likely to nail it. Longevity is amazing, lasting almost the whole day, and sillage is equally fantastic.

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12. Lancome Miracle

Time: Day
Season: Spring
Signatures: Floral, warm spicy, citrus, fresh spicy
Keywords: Pleasant, inoffensive, beautiful, fun

Miracle by Lancome comes in a relatively simple bottle, a pink fluid encased within.

According to the house, ‘energy’ and ‘revelation’ are the two words which best describe the fragrance that is Miracle.

This perfume has a handful of notes which mostly all have a strong contribution to the scent. Litchi and freesia are the opening notes, for some quick sweetness.

Into the middle, magnolia shines brightly beside the spices of pepper and ginger. Mandarin and the white florals of jasmine pair to give a combo similar to the opening notes, though with less influence.

In the base, jasmine shows again, though softer, while paired with musk and amber.

This is a bright, sweet, and joyful perfume. It is what we envision best worn on the happiest of spring days, with a sunhat and a light breeze ruffling your hair.

This is a fresh, pleasant fragrance. It is hard to hate on this one.

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