Best Britney Spears Perfumes 2021 – Top 15 Fragrances

Britney Spears have been in the public eye since the late 90’s. The pop icon is still growing in popularity, but not for her music or TV performances – but for her perfumes. We have listed Britneys 15 best perfumes on the market today.

Britney Spears has a rather large perfume collection, suitable for most people in all walks of life.

Having so many different fragrances, makes it hard for us as consumers to find the perfect one for us.

To help you navigate through Britneys scents, we have gone through her best perfumes – to help you identify the one that suits you the best.

15 Best Britney Spears Perfumes

Initially, we wanted to pick out Britney Spears top 10 fragrances. But that would mean that we would have to take out some great scents from the list.

Instead of missing out on those great fragrances, we had to extend the list and make it a top 15 list.

So here you have it – the best Britney Spears perfumes of all time!

1. Britney Spears – Fantasy

Time: Day
Season: Winter
Signatures: Sweet, fruity, tropical, fresh
Keywords: Feminine, dessert-like, youthful, sexy

One Britney Spears fragrance can be considered the flagship of the entire line-up, and if it is any, it is Fantasy. It came out in 2005, only the second year the house had been making perfumes, and the second fragrance from her.

This scent comes in a spherical bottle with crystals on the body. The cap is also spherical. The bottle achieves a sort of exotic femininity because of this.

The notes in Fantasy are some of the sweetest we have ever seen put together. The top notes are kiwi, red litchi, and quince. The opening is sweet and fruity, but the choices are quite exotic. The base balances it with musk, woodsy notes, and orris root.

In the middle, the fragrance goes hard on a sweet dessert tone, with white chocolate and cupcake paired with the florals of orchid and jasmine. It is these middle notes that give the perfume most of its character.

If you love sweet scents, then this is one for you. The sweetness is delectable all through and is most beautiful after the dry down. If you want a feminine scent that pushes off a youthful sexiness, this is the one. Plus, it performs amazing.

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2. Britney Spears – Midnight Fantasy

Time: Night
Season: Winter
Signatures: Sweet, fruity, cherry, vanilla
Keywords: Youthful, sensual, confident, fun

As the second fragrance from Britney Spears and one of the most popular, it is no surprise that Fantasy gave birth to several flankers over the years; Midnight Fantasy is just one of those.

The bottle is the same as the regular Fantasy, expect with a midnight blue colorway instead. It’s what you’d expect of a perfume of the night.

Fruits with ‘dark’ flavors dominate this scent: plum, sour cherry, and raspberry. These sit in the top of the fragrance, giving it a sweet opening with a bit of edge. The middle is all floral, with orchid, iris, and freesia.

The base flattens out the profile with musk, though amber and vanilla add to the sweetness of the perfume.

Considering the sensible pricing of Britney’s fragrances, we always have to give our respect to the performance, which is quite frankly, excellent. It’ll pull through eight hours easily and even more if it gets on your clothes.

This is a confident scent with some sensuality lingering behind it. This is a good scent for younger women who wants to feel gorgeous, sexy, and fun, all at the same time.

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3. Britney Spears – Curious

Time: Day
Season: Spring
Signatures: Floral, white floral, aquatic, fruity
Keywords: Unique, lovely, light, beautiful

Curious was the fragrance that started it all for Britney Spears. It came out in 2004 as the pioneer scent and it has persisted all the way to now. It’s always a good sign when a scent can stand the test of time like that.

Curious comes in a flacon akin to a diamond, with two crystal hearts dangling from a chain off the neck. The bottle gives it away that this is a feminine fragrance likely for the younger women.

Unlike the Fantasy fragrances, Curious is more floral. The major note is magnolia, present in the top along with fellow flower, lotus, and pear. In the middle, the white florals of jasmine and tuberose come together, joined by cyclamen.

As it usually goes, the base has musk, white woods, and sandalwood. Only vanilla adds to the sweetness, with its characteristic creaminess.

For the price, Curious is a steal. It performs moderately and smells exceptional. The magnolia leads, with a fragrance that is as natural as smelling one in person. The pear appears, along with some slight contributions from the other white florals in the middle.

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4. Britney Spears – Fantasy Intimate Edition

Time: Day
Season: Fall, winter, spring
Signatures: Vanilla, sweet, powdery, musky
Keywords: Feminine, intimate, relaxing, gentle

Another flanker of the famous Fantasy, Intimate Edition goes for a more opulent appearance, with a bottle done in white with pink crystals. The cap takes on the same clean white, with only the neck differing.

The relevance of the Fantasy name is proven seeing as Intimate Edition launched in 2015, a whole decade following the original release.

The notes are quite different from the original, making Intimate Edition a unique experience. In the top notes, it opens with litchi, but differs from Fantasy by adding Italian lemon and violet leaf to the mix.

Gone are the desserts, but brown sugar is the major note in the fragrance, taking its position in the heart. It is joined by the florals of lily-of-the-valley and jasmine. Genet is an uncommon note found here too. Ozonic notes round off the middle.

At the base, the usual suspects: vanilla and white musk, are present. Heliotrope and benzoin are there too.

This fragrance does not perform as well as the original though it not bad by any means. The opening is similar to Fantasy, but the sweetness is less dessert-like, though the brown sugar does well to add that element.

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5. Britney Spears – Hidden Fantasy

Time: Day
Season: Winter, fall
Signatures: Citrus, sweet, warm spicy, vanilla
Keywords: Alluring, feminine, cozy, dreamy

Hidden Fantasy comes in the same bottle as all other Fantasy scents, as expected, except the color scheme this time is a deep mysterious red. Our expectation based on the bottle alone is a seductive and irresistible feminine fragrance.

This fragrance launched in 2008 and goes for the same approach as Fantasy, with a mix of fruits and sweet treats defining its scent.

The top is entirely citrus, with orange and tangerine making up the fruity constituent. Lemon verbena and neroli bring a more complex citrus element to Hidden Fantasy.

Sweet notes akin to candies and cake lead the way in the middle, a prominent note in the entire fragrance. Clove, lily, and jasmine join it there. The base uses vanilla, amber, sandalwood, and other woodsy notes.

We might have been off on what we expected of the fragrance based on its bottle. This is a scent for the colder months of the year, particularly winter, as it carries a warm, delicious tone to it. The citrus and the cloves definitely contribute to that. The sweet notes give it a candied vibe.

This is a very sweet fragrance, so if you’re not into a creamy sweetness, this is likely not for you. If it is though, then you’ll love Hidden Fantasy. About seven hours on the skin isn’t bad!

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6. Britney Spears – Believe

Time: Day
Season: Spring
Signatures: Fruity, patchouli, sweet, woody
Keywords: Natural, unique, sophisticated, youthful

Besides Fantasy and Curious, there are other main entries in the Britney Spears fragrance line up, including Believe.

This perfume comes in an angular bottle, with triangles all around. The entire thing is done in a very soft green, reminiscent of an emerald. The cap is also triangular.

This fragrance throws away the playful girly vibes that the other bottles have and goes for something a bit more modern and serious. We love the way it looks.

The top notes here are tangerine and guava, for a tropical fruitiness. The middle uses lime blossom and honeysuckle for a floral heart. These two are relatively rare notes. The base uses praline for some sweetness, paired with amber and patchouli, the latter of which is rather dominant.

If you want a scent that is quite different from what you’ve been exposed to before, then Believe is a good place to start.

The opening is tropical and sweet, but as it dries down it gets replaced by a very garden-like flavor. What we mean by that is, you can smell the sweetness of the flowers in the middle paired with the earthiness of the patchouli. It’s a balance that is raw and natural, like a garden.

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7. Britney Spears – Island Fantasy

Time: Day
Season: Summer
Signatures: Citrus, sweet, ozonic, aquatic
Keywords: Intimate, gentle, lovely, summery

Back to the Fantasy fragrances. Island Fantasy comes in a bottle that runs in a gradient from a light green at the top to a light blue near the bottom.

Island Fantasy follows the character of the other scents in the line with that typical sweetness, though with a tropical edge to it this time around.

Island Fantasy does not play around with the tropical tone. The top notes are entirely fruity and sweet, with watermelon, citruses, clementine, mandarin, and red berries all playing their part. Watermelon is the most prominent though.

The middle is all floral, thanks to freesia, jasmine, and violet. The base brings in sugar cane, because the sweetness wasn’t enough yet, rounded up by musk.

These are delicious notes, especially in the opening, but the fragrance is let down by weak performance. At worst, we expect Britney perfumes to be just average but this one underperforms.

If you are ready to spritz through the day or layer this with something else, it is a great choice. The summery scent is light and intimate. With more power behind it, this would be unbeatable.

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8. Britney Spears – Circus Fantasy

Time: Day
Season: Spring
Signatures: Sweet, floral, fruity, vanilla
Keywords: Feminine, soft, grown-up, fresh

Circus Fantasy comes in a cyan bottle with red crystals all over. The fragrance came out the year after the singer released her album named Circus, so it can be thought to be a sort of relationship between the two.

The influence of fruits is reduced in Circus Fantasy, with raspberry being the only one. Fortunately, it is quite dominant in the perfume, along with apricot blossom and sugar in the top notes.

The middle adds some more pink flowers with orchid and peony and closes it off with the white florals of water lily. At the base, sweet notes akin to candy stick out strongly. Vanilla, musk, violet, and woody notes are also present, though less prominent.

This all comes together to produce a formulation that is quite distinct from the other Fantasy choices but maintains some of that heritage with its sweetness. It is very affordable and smells fantastic.

The perfume has a subtle sweetness and fresh floral scent to it. The femininity is clear with this one. It makes an amazing choice for women in their twenties, we’d say. You’ll definitely love this one.

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9. Britney Spears – Radiance

Time: Day
Season: Spring, summer
Signatures: White floral, fruity, tuberose, sweet
Keywords: Feminine, safe, classy, pretty

Radiance launched in 2010 in a bottle that takes some getting used to. Tall and rectangular, it is riddled with gemstones that are blue, pink, and clear. It is not quite our taste, but we are sure some will enjoy how fun it is.

This was the ninth fragrance released by the singer, and away from Fantasy, it had to set out to make its own identity.

The formulation this time around is quite simple. The most prominent note is the scent of red berries, present in the top on its own.

The middle uses all florals, mostly white, with tuberose, jasmine, African orange flower, and iris. The base has amber for some sweetness, but musk and cashmere wood for balance.

Unfortunately, Radiance has been discontinued so it may be hard to find. It is worth going on the journey to get it though. It is classy and likely one of the only Britney scents that we feel can cut across all age groups.

The florals are strong in this, with the berries acting as a strong complement on top of them. Performance is okay, lasting about six hours on average.

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10. Britney Spears – Cosmic Radiance

Time: Day, night
Season: Spring
Signatures: White floral, fruity, fresh, vanilla
Keywords: Elegant, feminine, mature, sophisticated

Cosmic Radiance brings some sophistication to the bottle design of the regular Radiance. Well, that’s if you believe that that one can be made to look classy or mature in any way.

It goes for black, white, and clear rhinestones this time around. There’s a tiny accent in the form of the neck being a hot pink along with the text on the side.

The fragrance opens with litchi, pear, and mandarin. This is a little similar to the opening of Fantasy, with litchi and pear, which is a relative of quince.

The middle is relentless with the flowers: tuberose, gardenia, jasmine, and peony. At the base, vanilla sticks out prominently, with musk, sandalwood, and amber, present in the base as they almost always are.

Cosmic Radiance is a moderate performer with more maturity, elegance, and class to it. It is a wonderful choice for the summer months and for any kind of woman. It’s truly a beautiful scent.

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11. Britney Spears – Sunset Fantasy

Time: Day
Season: Summer
Signatures: Fruity, sweet, vanilla, citrus
Keywords: Summery, beautiful, creamy, flirty

Sunset Fantasy uses the same kind of gradient as Island Fantasy, except dialling down from pink at the top to an interesting bronze color.

As we have come to expect from any of this line’s scents, Sunset Fantasy utilizes fruity and sweet scents in the formulation. The top makes use of Italian mandarin and grapefruit for the citrus tang, along with apple.

In the middle, the fruits continue, with peach the only actual fruit. However, the other notes are from the plants of fruits, being raspberry leaf and orange blossom. It is an interesting approach to take in order to keep the sweetness in check.

The most prominent note of the perfume appears at the base: milk mousse. We haven’t seen this in any other fragrance before, so it is a very nice note to experience. It is joined by vanilla, amber, and Australian sandalwood at the base.

This scent is delicious. That’s no surprise from looking at the formulation. It balances the sweet juiciness of the fruits with the creaminess of the mousse and vanilla for excellent effect.

Unfortunately, performance is poor. You might get four hours off this at most.

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12. Britney Spears – Private Show

Time: Day
Season: Fall, winter
Signatures: Sweet, lactonic, vanilla, coffee
Keywords: Sophisticated, feminine, in control, delicious

Private Show arrives in a bottle shaped something like a 3D polygon. It is quite different from the other bottles that we’ve seen from Britney Spears.

This is one of the newer fragrances, having launched in 2016. This was intended as a fragrance to be sexy, energetic, and empowering.

The notes here are quite unique and the fragrance follows suit. The deliciousness of whipped cream opens it up, with coffee, nectarine, and clementine joining. This is almost like a fancy coffee beverage.

In the middle, dulce de leche comes in for the dessert flavor that her fragrances find it hard to keep away from. Jasmine samba and orange blossom pair for some white floral synergy in the dry down.

The base is lonely, with just amber and musk present.

The coffee and whipped cream are clear here, and with the flowers, fruits, and dulce de leche, it pushes the sweetness up quite a lot. At the same time, it doesn’t overdo the sweet, managing to keep some sophistication on board.

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13. Britney Spears – Prerogative

Time: Night, day
Season: Fall, winter
Signatures: Warm spicy, coffee, woody, fruity
Keywords: Unisex, sweet, safe, simple

Prerogative came out in 2018, which explains the relatively modern look it has compared to the others that we’ve been seeing. It’s like a sphere at a lean, with several sides cut off, including two clear ones which almost look to be suspending the letters for “PREROGATIVE”.

But what really makes Prerogative extra interesting is the fact that it is the first unisex fragrance in Britney Spears’ lineup of perfumes. That’s great news for guys that are fans of her scent.

The choices in the top notes are sweet and interesting. Apricot, pink pepper, and goji berries are the players here. The middle leads the entire fragrance with the presence of coffee, joined by the minor input of saffron and red lily.

The base is sandalwood and amberwood alone. The latter is a unique choice.

This is a unisex perfume but it leans more towards the feminine side with the sweetness that it carries. It is quite light however, though maybe too light. It seems to impact the performance as it barely gets four hours in.

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14. Britney Spears – In Control Curious

Time: Night
Season: Winter, fall
Signatures: Sweet, vanilla, fruity, powdery
Keywords: Feminine, sexy, intimate, mature

A flanker to Curious, In Control Curious comes in a opaque black bottle with pink accents in the form of its translucent cap and pink tag.

The formulation is quite basic, with fruity notes being the only thing cited in the top. Sweet notes, vanilla, and tonka bean are prominent in the middle, joined by orchid. Musk and sandalwood bring up the base.

This fragrance is sweet and despite what the notes might make you think, it smells quite mature. There’s a bit of mystery to it once it dries down. This makes it a great choice for night-time, particularly on intimate occasions.

This is more sophisticated than the original Curious. Unfortunately, it lets us down as it is quite a soft projector. It lasts a good number of hours on the skin, but halfway through, you’ll need to get in close.

But hey, we think that’s what makes it even better as a sexy, intimate fragrance. You’ll want your date moving in closer to get a smell.

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15. Britney Spears – Prerogative Rave

Time: Day
Season: Spring, fall
Signatures: Fruity, woody, white floral, sweet
Keywords: Energetic, youthful, versatile, casual

Coming in the same bottle as the original Prerogative, except with translucent pink windows and a silver body, Prerogative Rave launched in 2019, though as a women’s fragrance exclusively. It is clear that Britney excels with their female scents.

Raspberry, pear, and mandarin are the only fruits that show up in this scent, all in the top notes. The middle is all floral, in similar fashion, with red lily, freesia, and jasmine.

The base notes use earthier scents, with cashmeran, sandalwood, cedar, and musk contributing.

This makes a good scent for someone younger. There’s something quite energetic and sweet here, so older women might not agree with its vibe.

It lasts a good number of hours though, so this makes a fantastic scent for school or the club. It should last the whole time, easily.

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