Best Tobacco Cologne for Men 2021 – 12 Top Fragrances

It doesn’t get any more masculine and sophisticated than a quality tobacco cologne on a man. It’s a fragrance that adds to ones character. We have gone through the most popular fragrances to find the best tobacco cologne for men. You’ll find 12 different tobacco perfumes that fit any type of occasion, season, taste and budget. Which one is your favorite?

Don’t think that tobacco colognes are based on cheap and offensive cigarettes that leave a foul odor for hours. No. Tobacco colognes are based on fresh tobacco leaves – which is a totally different thing.

Men have through history always used perfumes based on tobacco and that’s not changing anytime soon. It’s a distinct scent that feels secure, manly, stabile and mature.

12 Best tobacco colognes for men

We were happily surprised to find such a broad range of tobacco fragrances available.

You will also find colognes that are more suitable for work, while others would be perfect for a romantic night – others as everyday cologne. The manufacturers have really given us a great supply of fragrances to choose from – for every environment, season and occasion.

Let’s dive right into it.

1. Gucci Pour Homme

Time: Night and day
Season: Fall
Signatures: Woody, tobacco, aromatic, balsamic
Keywords: Masculine, sophisticated, intimate

Gucci Pour Homme is a scent which carries a distinct masculine tone. There’s an earthy, woody flavour lent to it by notes of tobacco and leather, which define its autumn vibes. Bergamot as a top note gives a spicy, citrus tone to the fragrance.

It’s formulated perfectly for the man’s man, coming off as sophisticated and modern. This is the type of scent you wear to dominate at a formal dinner. It is confident and in-control.

However, if you’re looking for a fragrance that will cling to you all day long, then this might not be the one. We found that after 2 to 3 hours, people around us couldn’t detect the scent any longer. Longevity isn’t the strong suit of this fragrance.

In terms of projection, this is what we’d call a date scent. It won’t extend through a room by any means, but the great smell will have your companion moving closer to take in more of it.

If you’re looking for something masculine and intimate, then Gucci Pour Homme should be the one for you.

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2. Tom Ford Private Blend Tobacco Oud

Time: Night
Season: Fall and winter
Signatures: Tobacco, whiskey, warm spicy, oud
Keywords: Strong, exotic, indulgent, warm

The word ‘oud’ alone brings to our minds an exotic, rich scent. Tom Ford brings that idea to the table with a top note of whiskey, and base notes including tobacco and oud, which come together to produce an expensive, upscale fragrance.

We found that the whiskey top note works as intended, hitting you less than modestly from the start. If you don’t like this, it’ll likely be due to the strong boozy opening note. It dissipates soon enough however, leaving the headlining tobacco dry-down to steal the show for hours after. People around you will probably still smell this on you up to 8 hours later.

This can be a dividing fragrance though, due to the relatively polarizing mixture of oud and tobacco. It can come off as moldy or bitter if you come across it the first time.

Tom Ford Tobacco Oud is the kind of scent you indulge in on cold winter nights with a heavy jacket on, as it brings in the familiar warmth of tobacco pipes and a glass of cognac.

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3. Dreamer by Gianni Versace

Time: Night and day
Season: Fall and winter
Signatures: Aromatic, fresh spicy, floral
Keywords: Romantic, sensual, carefree, fun

The first idea that comes to mind the moment we perceive Dreamer is ‘floral’. If you’re looking for a scent that oozes straight-up masculinity, then this isn’t the one for you. We certainly wouldn’t blame you for thinking that this is a feminine fragrance. Though it bears a lavender and citrus tone to its fragrance, there is tobacco doing some work underneath, which does its best to pull it right back into a more unisex realm.

There is a powdery sweetness that comes from the floral notes in Dreamer, and this makes it seems best suited for quiet, romantic outings. This is the type of fragrance that gives off the energy of a cool, laid-back sort of man. The simplicity of the scent makes it perfectly suitable for a modest everyday wear, particularly for the searching bachelor, as it doesn’t command the strongest of attention, but is sweet enough to catch and keep those who enter your space. Longevity isn’t an issue either, as it can last up to 12 hours on skin.

This is a great choice if you’re looking for a lighter cologne with just the mildest of tobacco notes.

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4. Black Walnut Banana Republic

Time: Night and day
Season: Fall and winter
Signatures: Woody, tobacco, sweet, warm spicy
Keywords: Simple, masculine, modest

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, they say. Black Walnut by Banana Republic preaches this, as it comes in with only 3 notes to the fragrance: a top note of cognac, a middle of tobacco, and a base note of Virginia cedar. It is a relatively tame lineup, yet it produces a rather inoffensive yet appealing scent that no one will have any gripes with.

The main issue with this fragrance comes with its longevity. You’ll find it extremely difficult to note it in the air even after a mere 2-3 hours, which is far from impressive. We found a way around this by using an atomizer at intervals, or going heavier with the initial spritz. Projection isn’t the farthest reaching either.

This fragrance smells like the perfect office scent. It has no harsh notes, and with its modest projection, it won’t be getting close enough to your co-workers to have them complain. But really, what’s there to complain about?

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5. Spicebomb Extreme by Viktor & Rolf

Time: Night and day
Season: Winter and fall
Signatures: Fresh spicy, vanilla, tobacco, sweet
Keywords: Intense, captivating, unique, warm

Just like the hand grenade that the bottle resembles, Viktor & Rolf’s Spicebomb Extreme is an explosive fragrance. The notes you’ll pick from this are vanilla, tobacco, and black pepper; though lavender and caraway give subtle support in the background. This is such an interesting fragrance, as the black pepper and caraway give a spiciness, and vanilla and lavender mix with it to provide a sweet counterbalance. You’ll sense the tobacco, but the other notes create such a beautifully balanced scent profile that is just mouth-watering.

The spice makes this perfect for fall and winter as it creates an atmosphere of warmth. It lasts long on skin, we could still smell it nicely after over 8 hours, and the projection is rather impressive as well. This is a compliment magnet, and wearing it to parties, dinners, or even the office will be sure to get you turning heads.

Spicebomb Extreme is a unique fragrance, but it’s hard to see anyone not liking this one. It is best to write this one as being an olfactory masterpiece.

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6. Havana for Men by Aramis Eau De Toilette

Time: Night and day
Season: Winter and fall
Signatures: Woody, aromatic, warm spicy, tobacco
Keywords:  Mature, classic, gentlemanly

Just like the images conjured of the city that is its namesake, Aramis’ Havana fragrance is a mix of the tropical and tobacco. It leads with some herbal, citrus scents before leaning into the woodier, smoky aromas of constituents like tobacco and cinnamon. Havana has an old-fashioned or classic tone to it, something timeless that you could imagine a classy grandfather wearing. It doesn’t scream ‘youth’.

This is a scent that sticks, and we mean it when we say that. You’ll still perceive Havana hanging around up to 12 hours later, which is fantastic for us. It emanates nicely, up to about 6 feet away, so don’t go too heavy on this one. It’ll last the day.

This is a classy, mature fragrance. It doesn’t slap you in the face, yet has enough presence to let you know it’s there, and what a presence it is. Whether you wear it to the office or on a date, you are sure to pick up compliments. It’s that good.

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7. Burberry London Eau De Toilette For Men

Time: Night and day
Season: Winter and fall
Signatures: Tobacco, sweet, cinnamon, woody
Keywords:  Festive, suave, mature, sophisticated

Burberry has been around since 1856, and in that time they have cultivated a reputation for themselves as a brand for the wealthy, sophisticated individual. Even the bottle for London carries that same philosophy, coming swaddled in a little plaid sweater. It’s easy to join those ranks by smelling just as good as that, and London can take you there with its suave, elegant scent.

This is a sweet scent, without smelling overly floral, due to the lavender, bergamot, and cinnamon top notes. The latter gives it a bit of spiciness that makes it feel warm, inviting, and perfectly suited for cold winter nights. The more mature notes sit lower, with leather, tobacco, and oakmoss giving an urbane feel to the composition.

Performance isn’t the best for us. You’ll be lucky to still smell this one after 3 or 4 hours, but if you’re a huge fan, then carrying an atomizer should be a small price to pay.

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8. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

Time: Night
Season: Winter and fall
Signatures: Sweet, tobacco, vanilla, balsamic
Keywords:  Sensual, dark, intense, refined

Perhaps one of the most refined smells you will encounter, Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille is a gorgeous smelling mix of tobacco leaves and vanilla. The top note includes tobacco, so you start off with that rustic, quality of dry tobacco before it mellows out into that sweet, light vanilla scent.

This is a masculine fragrance exuding a continuous sensuality, perfect for date nights or intimate evenings. There are notes of spice, dried fruit, and cocoa in this which paint a picture of a warm night during the holidays. Definitely a Christmassy flavour, we’d say. It reminds us of fruitcake and hot chocolate as it mellows out.

Tobacco Vanille is intense. If you want a tobacco cologne which performs well, then this is one of the best options. Over 12 hours later and you’ll still feel the richness of this in the room, and that’s without us talking about the excellent projection. It really dominates the room, so be very modest when applying this one.

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9. Light My Fire by Kilian

Time: Night
Season: Winter and fall
Signatures: Sweet, tobacco, green, fresh spicy, woody
Keywords:  Rugged, dominant, classy

As if your partner speaks to you, Kilian’s cologne tells you to ‘light their fire’. Tobacco is a gentleman’s note, and it brings that effect to this offering as expected. This feels like the fragrance of a classic man – the scent of tobacco and green, with that sweetness added by honey and vanilla.

Light My Fire is expensive but after a whiff, you’ll find yourself fighting a mental battle not to buy a bottle. It performs spectacularly too, lasting all day long and filling up any room lucky enough to be graced by its presence.

If you don’t mind the price tag and you’re looking for a fragrance that conveys a sophisticated, upscale air, then this might be the new
bottle to add to your shelf. It’s a mature ruggedness it conveys, so it best suited for the active older gentleman.

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10. Tobacco Reserve Aramis

Time: Night and day
Season: Winter and fall
Signatures: Aromatic, tobacco, sweet, balsamic, earthy
Keywords:  Comfortable, urbane, elegant

The moment you apply Tobacco Reserve, you are captured by the fruity, green notes of blackcurrant and clary sage. As it begins to dry down, the tobacco scent comes in with a wickedly aromatic partner – nutmeg. Nutmeg doesn’t show up on too many perfume pyramids, but it is difficult to figure out why. It provides a spicy sweetness that is far from overwhelming and smells comfortable, like the holiday season.

Unlike most of the other tobacco colognes we’ve compiled, this one feels a bit more accessible to the youth, perhaps early 30s. It feels complex, yet clean and far from intimidating. That incense-like sweetness as it dries down brings it to a modest aroma, one that could potentially be perceived as unisex by many.

The fragrance lasts for hours on skin. Projection with Tobacco Reserve is above average, and you won’t have to move in too close to smell this on anyone.

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11. Dolce and Gabbana The One

Time: Night
Season: Fall and winter
Signatures: Warm spicy, balsamic, tobacco, aromatic, citrus
Keywords:  Modest, gentle, comforting

The One is a modest fragrance, and if you’re looking for one to blind buy, then this is a great choice. Some might say it is too modest and the fragrance plays it too safe, but we feel like familiar isn’t always a bad thing.

This is a definite cold weather scent as it warms up nicely with the spiciness of ginger and basil, and the citrus kick from the grapefruit in the top notes, and the orange blossoms as it mellows down. There is amber in the base, which gives an incense-like aroma to the mix, with tobacco augmenting it nicely.

Performance with The One isn’t stellar however. Longevity places anywhere between 3 to 6 hours, which isn’t the worst. However, when it comes to sillage, you really need to strain to get a note of this. Perhaps at an arm’s length or closer, but it surely won’t fill a room. It’s a fantastic choice for a safer scent still.

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12. Demeter Fragrance Pipe Tobacco

Time: Night
Season: Winter and fall
Signatures: Tobacco, sweet, whiskey, fruity
Keywords:  Authentic, refined, formal

If you have ever indulged in truly fine pipe tobacco, then the scent that Demeter has composed here should be comfortably familiar. The tobacco in this is rich and smoky, with a spicy tone to it that evokes a sense of warmth.

Even as it begins to dry down, the scent of pipe tobacco lingers beautifully as some sweet, spicy undertones begin to take the stage. Even for individuals not very familiar with pipe tobacco, it gives off an inviting aroma which is close to the real thing as any other tobacco cologne.

It lasts on the skin for about 3 to 4 hours and it won’t fill the room, so performance is about average. It really has the strong capacity to be a unisex fragrance for the more daring woman, but this is a bottle that the true gentleman should have a try at.

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