Best Bergamot Perfumes 2021 – The Ultimate Guide

This is the ultimate guide to finding the best bergamot perfume for you. You will be guided through the 12 best fragrances, each one being carefully categorized so that you easily can find the one that suits your needs.

Bergamot is a complex, subtle fragrance. Flora, sour, bitter, and sweet, it is widely popular for its adaptability. You will find this in many fresh and citrus fragrances. It’s one of the finest citrus notes, because of its fresh, round and rich aroma.

Although not edible, Bergamot is widely cultivated for its skin, which is used for making scented oil.

Besides the citrusy smell, Bergamot has a complex structure, making it a great ingredient for full-bodied, bold fragrances. You will find it commonly paired with lemon, orange, rosemary, thyme, and lavender.

12 Best Bergamot Perfumes

There are a lot of perfumes with bergamot notes in them. Although, it can be hard to find a good one, where the bergamot is one of the main notes.

Either the longevity is very short or the quality of the aroma is low.

Thus, we have gathered all the best bergamot perfumes on the market today, to help you find the one that suits your needs, budget and purposes the most.

1. Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Bergamotto

Time: Day
Season: Spring and Summer
Signatures: Citrus, warm spicy, fresh spicy, aromatic, and woody
Keywords: Romantic, refreshing, and lemony

Lemony, fresh, and truly refreshing, this almost sparkling effervescence eau de toilette is easy to wear.

As a pillar fragrance of ADP’s Blu Mediterraneo, this fragrance draws its inspiration from the olfactory scent of Calabria, a quintessential region in Italy. And just so you know, Calabria is home to some of the world’s best Bergamot crops.

We love the dry down in this fragrance that is both aromatic and woody. The opening gambit is a major helping of Bergamot and citron, intensified with the fresh scent of lemon, which is then accompanied by a kick of cedarwood, red ginger, and flowers at the heart.

The base notes include musk, vetiver, and benzoin.

A big bonus is that this is a unisex fragrance, something that you can share with your partner. Start your day with a spritz or two of this and it will instantly lift your mood, thanks to its upbeat opening. It is also a great choice for casual and outdoor occasions.

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2. Atelier Cologne Bergamot Soleil

Time: Day
Season: Spring and Summer
Signatures: Citrus, fresh spicy, floral, aromatic, and woody
Keywords: Quintessential, sparkling, zesty, casual, and summer

Bergamote Soleil Atelier Cologne is an alluring Bergamot scent with an aromatic fragrance. It opens with a simple scent yet has a very pleasant Bergamot touch. It has a sparkling, tart Bergamot scent that sets the tone for this fragrance.

As it dries down, it settles to an aromatic scent of moss and warm lavender, coupled with the first opening of Bergamot.

The top notes are ambrette, bitter orange, and bergamot. The middle notes include lavender, cardamom, and jasmine while the base notes are oakmoss, vetiver, and white amber.

Bergamote Soliel Atelier Cologne is a great perfume choice for summer. This refreshing fragrance is just what we need to brave through the humid, warm, summer days.

You can wear it to casual occasions, despite the subtle mature vibe it gives out. This also makes it a great choice for formal events and pairs perfectly with a man of any age.

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3. Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot

Time: Day and night
Season: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall
Signatures: Citrus, fresh spicy, woody, aromatic, and oud
Keywords: Zesty, citrusy, light, and soft

The Oud and Bergamot Cologne by Jo Malone has made an odd combination of Bergamot and Oud. This one opens with a citrusy, zesty scent which consists mainly of Bergamot. Its smell lingers on for the remainder of the scent and is later accompanied by a rich oud fragrance.

All in all, we think this is a nice fragrance to add to your collection. It sits close to the skin which is expected, considering this is a citrusy fragrance.

Its notes are cedar, orange, lemon, Bergamot, and oud.

This is a great choice of cologne to wear during the summer months because of its soft and light scent.

We also love it as a fragrance to wear to the gym because it is very light and refreshing.

Overall, this is a great perfume choice when you don’t want to be offensive or loud.

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4. Christian Dior for Men Dior Homme

Time: Day and night
Season: Winter, Spring, and Fall
Signatures: Floral, cacao, aromatic, woodsy, and powdery
Keywords: Elegant, classy, light, fresh, floral, and masculine

Elegant, classy, light, and fresh, Dior Homme for men is a modern classic. It has a masculine floral scent that is so light accompanied by a woodsy base.

Besides a seductive raw cacao note, there is a powdery touch to the composition thanks to the presence of the iris note.

We love the dry down and the way the leather note teases off of the lavender/iris combination. This fragrance also has an earthy warmth due to the presence of vetiver and amber.

This dry cologne gives a perfect balance of woodsy and floral elements, creating something that is not girly but fresh and not overpowering.

We think the sweet cacao is a nice touch and prevents the cologne from turning into a dull wood and floral scent.

This fragrance will complete both a casual and formal outfit.

It is a solid performance perfume with a good sillage and does not overwhelm you. The best seasons for this fragrance are fall and winter.

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5. Ermenegildo Zenga Acqua Di Bergamotto

Time: Day
Season: Spring and Summer
Signatures: Citrus. Fresh, fresh spicy, floral, marine, and aromatic
Keywords: Marine, Italian, Mediterranean, relaxing, elegant, and contemporary

AcquaDi Bergamotto is one of the freshest fragrances in the ESSENZE collection by Ermenegildo Zenga. Its charm lies in the Mediterranean aromas and the Italian style.

The composition in this perfume unfolds with the sparkling notes of citruses native to Italy, with a dominant Bergamot note.

It also has refreshing floral and herbal notes that are distinctive of the South Italian coasts.

Overall, this is an aromatic scent that is endowed with the fluidity and warmth of vetiver, rosemary, and neroli, making it a luminous and refreshing fragrance.

There is a freshness in the composition which is supplied by salty notes of sea air and seawater. This characteristic makes it a true summer fragrance, ideal for relaxation.

The citrusy marine notes are typical of the Zegna fragrances and are a mark of contemporary style and elegance.

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6. Bergamote 22 Le Labo Eau de Parfum

Time: Day
Season: Summer and Spring
Signatures: Citrus, fresh spicy, white floral, aromatic, and woody
Keywords: Alluring, summer, sparkling, vibrant, natural, casual, and formal

This is an alluring bergamot perfume with a delightful undertone of woods. It opens with a vibrant and fresh Bergamot scent, accompanied by a whiff of woody note.

Besides the woodiness every now and then, what you really get is mostly the vibrant Bergamot fragrance.

Surprisingly, this fragrance is unbelievably gratifying and it is no wonder that Bergamote 22 Le Labo is one of the best Bergamot perfumes on the market.

Its notes include amber, Bergamot, musk, vanilla, grapefruit, orange blossom, vetiver, cedar, and petitgrain.

This fragrance is a perfect choice for the warmer months. With its almost sparkling, vibrant, and realistic Bergamot scent, you simply can’t go wrong with this on a hot summer day.

What makes this scent so inoffensive and versatile is the natural smelling fragrance. We love that it goes well both with casual and formal occasions.

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7. Yves Saint Laurent L’homme For Men

Time: Day
Season: Spring and Fall
Signatures: Citrus, fresh spicy, warm spicy, woody, and aromatic
Keywords: Fresh, woody, and classic

The L’homme by Yves Saint Laurent is a great perfume choice for spring and fall. It is also the kind of fragrance we wear on first dates. It has a delicate scent and will not overpower anyone close by.

It opens with zests of Bergamot and lemon cedrat, while the ginger of China gives it a special radiance. A

s the fragrance dries, basil flowers and violet leaves come together while vibrant white pepper announces the structure with a hint of sensuality.

The powdery and rich base notes consist of sandalwood, oakmoss, tonka bean, and vetiver.

Yves Saint Laurent’s L’homme has a subtle projection with moderate lasting power.

This is definitely a winner among younger men because it is versatile enough to be worn all day and into the dark hours.

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8. Outlaw Tru Fragrance

Time: Day and night
Season: Winter, Spring, and fall
Signatures: Citrus, fresh spicy, aromatic, balsamic, and woody
Keywords: Captivating, masculine, and provocative

The Outlaw Tru Fragrance is a refreshing and highly captivating product that will not fail to make a statement. For those of us looking for a signature scent that is woody and fresh at the same time, this is a perfect choice.

Its main ingredients are essential oils that are combined to give a natural and layered fragrance. Although it has a woody scent, it is not overpowering.

It opens with notes of lavender and Bergamot and dries to notes of green fir and fir balsam.

This fragrance is as masculine as they come with dry notes of mahogany wood, amber, and sandalwood. It is a luxurious and unique scent and will keep heads turning towards you.

Overall, this fragrance will seize your senses and leave a provocative trail.

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9. Penguin Premium Blend Penguin Original for Men

Time: Day and night
Season: Spring and Summer
Signatures: Citrus, green, marine, salty, aromatic, and woody
Keywords: Laid-back, road trip, wild, and versatile

This fragrance drew its inspiration from a laid-back road trip along the coast with windows rolled down and the cool sea breeze blowing freely.

The result was a unique and long-lasting perfume that is versatile enough for all occasions – casual, formal, day, or night.

This Premium Blend fragrance by Penguin has a top note that is a cool and exhilarating surge of wild spearmint, fresh lime peel, and crisp Bergamot.

The sparkling center of the fragrance is refreshingly green and marine, with a curious atmosphere of enticing violet leaves, Mediterranean musk, and salty sea splash.

At the back is a rustic infusion of woody vetiver, driftwood, and fresh musk leaving behind a trail that is undeniably addictive yet unrecognizable.

This is one of our best Bergamot perfumes because it is formulated to suit all skin types and will keep you smelling fresh all day long.

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10. Nio Xerjoff for Men

Time: Day
Season: Spring and Summer
Signatures: Citrus, fresh spicy, green, aromatic, and woody
Keywords: Formal, classy, Italian, and countryside

Nio Xerjoff is a lovely scent with an alluring fragrance of greens and citruses. This fragrance was inspired by a stroll along the rustic Italian countryside.

It opens with neroli and Bergamot notes, giving you a natural and fresh scent.

The middle notes are accompanied by spicy undertones and green notes.

The base note takes us back to the initial green and fresh notes along with woods and vetiver notes.

Overall, this is a remarkable perfume and is widely popular among people who love their fresh fragrances.

This perfume is ideal for the summer months. We all know citrus-based fragrances are normally dull and linear but Nio Xerjoff is different.

It constantly intrigued us and gave a classy touch, which is why it is perfect for any formal occasion, although you can also wear it to casual events.

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11. Eau Fraiche Versace Man Eau de Toilette Spray

Time: Day
Season: Spring and Summer
Signatures: Citrus, fruity, fresh spicy, woody, and aromatic
Keywords: Casual, aquatic, pleasant, and refreshing

The Eau Fraiche Versace Man is a refreshing fragrance with an aquatic and citrusy scent.

We love how the top note opens with a fresh scent with a hint of spicy. This riveting dynamic sets the tone for this fragrance.

As it begins to dry down, it gives off a woody note which again settles down to a citrusy, aquatic, fresh scent with a spicy undertone.

We can’t help but like this fragrance because it is the kind that draws in a lot of compliments from others.

This fragrance is a nice choice to be worn during the warm weather but unlike a lot of the Bergamot perfumes, it isn’t ideal for formal occasions. Instead, you can wear it to an outdoor party or to any casual event.

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12. Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Bergamot

Time: Day and night
Season: Spring and Summer
Signatures: Citrus, fresh spicy, white floral, aromatic, and woody
Keywords: Classy, velvet, sweet, and subtle

This is a refreshing Bergamot fragrance with a sweet undertone. The top note is a soft Bergamot, something that is subtle and leaning more on the sweeter side.

Another sweet touch is the orange tone which gives the perfume its natural, sweet scent. This fragrance is a more serious take on Bergamot and adds that touch of class, living up to its name Velvet Bergamot.

This is a warm-weather fragrance. The Bergamot scent in this fragrance may be subtle but it is still very pleasant and refreshing.

On the other hand, the subtle nature of this perfume gives it a layer of class and is just the perfect choice for formal occasions.

This fragrance is also versatile enough for casual occasions, just as long as you are well put together.

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