Best Orange Blossom Perfumes 2021 – Top 10 Orange Scents

Orange blossom perfumes are often very refreshing with hints of sweet, fruity scents. In this article, you’ll find the best orange blossom fragrances on the market today.

Imagine Rome, with its warm weather, free spirit, old town and great history. Imagine the cold, fresh breeze from the wind while walking the streets of Italy. In the middle of all these impressions, you’ll find the purest and best scent of orange blossom there is.

Luckily, you don’t have to go to Italy just to get that beautiful and charming scent of orange blossom.

Some perfumes have managed to collect these unique scents in their bottles.

Our job was to find these fragrances.

And we did.

Best orange blossom perfumes

We have gone through the most popular fragrances to find the best orange blossom perfumes for men and women.

No matter occasion, age, gender, budget or season of the year – we have found a scent for everyone.

1. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

Time: Day
Season: Summer and spring
Signatures: Citrus, white floral, aromatic, fresh spicy
Keywords: Clean, classy, attractive, mature

Tom Ford fragrances typically deliver premium scents, and gazing upon the boxy teal flacon that Neroli Portofino comes encased within, we found ourselves hoping that it’d deliver in the same way all our favourite Tom Ford scents do.

Neroli Portofino is a very floral and fruity fragrance, if you were to make your impressions based on its notes alone. Bergamot, mandarin, lemon, and bitter orange are part of the top notes, and give a strong citrus element to the fragrance. The middle is distinctively white floral, with neroli, pitosporum, and African orange blossom.

There’s a maturity to the freshness that Neroli Portofino carries. From the first application, we caught the titular neroli clear in the opening, with other citrus elements. As we gave it some time to settle in, the citrus tones began to fade, with the floral fragrances giving a clean, soapy scent.

Anyone can wear this unisex fragrance, and it is the kind of perfume you can wear anywhere. Neroli Portofino is an excellent all-rounder. Performance is moderate, as longevity is about 4 to 6 hours, and sillage is a bit low. This is a safe choice of perfume for anyone, and if it was just a bit cheaper, it’d be an easy recommendation.

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2. L’Occitane Graceful Néroli & Orchidée

Time: Day
Season: Spring and summer
Signatures: Floral, citrus, sweet, powdery
Keywords: Sexy, elegant, sophisticated, beautiful

L’Occitane is such a fancy name, and when we look at the dainty little bottle this fragrance comes in, we think of elegant women on the streets of Paris. Women who smell of the most exotic florals, as if they work amongst flowers.

The notes in this scent are all floral or fruit-based, besides musk. Orange and mandarin are the top notes of the pyramid, with peach, fig nectar, neroli, and lily-of-the-valley infused into the heart, and musk, iris, and orchid are the notes for the base.

Despite the clear preponderance for sweet smells in the composition, this fragrance is not overpowering. Neroli is clear in the opening, and the exotic fruit tones made our mouths water. The sweetness is a bit too much for men, as it borders on powdery, but for women, this is a fantastic fragrance.

The scent oozes elegance and sophistication. It smells like an expensive sweetness. This is the type of perfume you wear to a classy event like a ball or a gala. This is the scent of a confident, beautiful lady who owns her femininity with confidence. Performance is merely average.

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3. Jo Malone Orange Blossom

Time: Day
Season: Summer and spring
Signatures: White floral, floral, sweet, fresh
Keywords: Feminine, innocent, sweet, pure

Jo Malone specializes in lighter performing fragrances that work well when layered with another. Orange Blossom is one of those uncomplicated perfumes that is simple in its composition and the resulting scent.

The notes that make up the perfume are almost exclusively floral scents, so you have an idea of the fragrance you’re getting. The sole top note is tangerine blossom, and the heart is made of lilac, water lily, and prominent orange blossom. At the base, its iris and vetiver.

As expected, this Jo Malone scent opens prominently with the scent of orange blossoms. It’s pleasant, and light in its sweetness. True to form, this is no beast in the performance department. It’s mild, but that lightness makes it excel as an innocent feminine fragrance.

This is the fragrance you wear on a warm summer or spring day. It is a great casual or office fragrance, and the light, fresh sweetness of it is sure to earn you a deluge of compliments. Mix it up with another fragrance to give it depth that can’t easily be replicated.

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4. Girl of Now

Time: Day and night
Season: Fall and winter
Signatures: Almond, sweet, nutty, fruity, woody
Keywords: Modern, cozy, elegant, intimate

Elie Saab’s Girl of Now, like its name, preaches modernity with its scent. It was launched in 2017, so truly, it is a modern fragrance. It blends floral, fruit, and nut notes to form a unique scent.

Almond and pistachio give a distinctively nutty tone to the fragrance, and are the most notable tones in the scent. Mandarin and pear are among the fragrance’s top notes. The sweetness of orange blossom and magnolia are present as heart notes.

Girl of Now is a sweet, warm fragrance. It might come off as cloying in the warmer months, but for fall and winter, it is cozy and warm. This is easily a gourmand, and brings to mind the idea of a warm nut-based pastry. The orange blossom is clear as it begins to linger, with its sweet floral nature providing great synergy with the almond.

Performance is impressive here, lasting over 6 hours on the skin. Projection is admirable, and it’ll leave an intimate cloud of its scent around you. Like it set out to achieve, Girl of Now is an elegant, modern fragrance. Its comfort makes it a great choice for close, intimate occasions where your partner can breathe it in and leave intoxicated.

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5. Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum

Time: Night and day
Season: Fall and winter
Signatures: Balsamic, vanilla, white floral, sweet
Keywords: Chic, sophisticated, confident, rich

From the fashion house, Roberto Cavalli, comes this fragrance for women. The first thing you’ll notice with this perfume is the extravagance of the flacon. We definitely love how it looks, but we definitely have to mention how extra it is. The cap has a tiara that’s made up of the house’s mirrored initials, and just below that is a neck wrapped with leopard print.

Extravagance is probably the way to go though. The mission of this fragrance is to let people notice you, and that’s likely to happen. Pink pepper is the sole top note, and orange blossom is also lonely as the middle note. Tonka, vanilla, and benzoin comprise the base.

The mixture of vanilla and orange blossom give this fragrance a very prominent creamy sweetness. It’s warm and lent some spiciness by the pink pepper in the top. It’s not quite vintage, but it carries a nice dated air despite its launch year being 2012.

This is a solid scent, and it’s sure to leave an impression on whoever is fortunate enough to smell it around you. It’ll last more than 8 hours on the skin, and its projection is confident but not overwhelming. As intended, you’ll definitely be noticed. It’s probably impossible to hate this scent, and it’s one of those that’ll be a safe bet for a blind buy.

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6. Ivanka Trump Eau de Parfum Spray for Women

Time: Day
Season: Year-round
Signatures: Balsamic, fruity, vanilla, rose
Keywords: Delicate, feminine, inoffensive, clean

This fragrance was the first by Ivanka Trump, and was launched back in 2012. The fragrance’s composition relies nicely on fruits and flowers. Patchouli, amber, and cedar are the three notes that don’t align with the general theme, but really add complexity to the scent.

The zest from the bergamot and the spice from the pink pepper give a bold edge to the fragrance. The middle has rose, jasmine, and peach, which give a light sweetness to the perfume. The more atypical notes all make up the base here, along with vanilla.

Straight from the application, the peach and vanilla are distinctive. They give a soft, clean sweetness to the fragrance. It is feminine and inoffensive, and we see this as a fantastic option to wear to the office or on casual occasions. The scent of rose is light and unobtrusive, and that approach gives a fantastic twist to the scent.

This perfume doesn’t attempt to be daring or inventive, but it plays it safe. The scent is delicate and light, and it’s hard to hate. The sweetness is so mild that it is almost teasing, and it leaves you longing for more. For a romantic occasion, though not about to leave an unforgettable mark, it’s a safe bet. Performance is weak, and that’s the major downside.

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7. Hugo Boss Orange Woman

Time: Day
Season: Summer and spring
Signatures: White floral, vanilla, sweet, fruity
Keywords: Soft, feminine, innocent, unique

Hugo Boss Orange Woman comes in a tall, light rose-coloured flacon. It gives the idea of a sweet, clean fragrance that exudes femininity. The fragrance builds its personality with plant-based notes exclusively, and just a handful of them at that. We like to see how these kinds of fragrances are able to use their limited notes to build a unique profile.

The top note is red apple, white floral notes and African orange blossom, from which the scent gets its name, make up the heart of this fragrance. Sandalwood, olive tree, and vanilla, make up the base notes here.

Clearly, if your perfume is named Orange Woman, you aren’t wrong to expect orange to be a dominating scent in this. That’s exactly how it plays out, and the African orange blossom is a beautiful centrepiece in this fragrance. Apple and vanilla are fresh and sweet here, and it makes this fragrance a gorgeous feminine choice.

Orange Woman is a perfect candidate for a light daily fragrance. Longevity is impressive, lasting about 8 hours on the skin. The projection doesn’t carry the same confidence, and sticks close to the skin. In general, this fragrance is inoffensive and sweet. Despite being safe, it is unique, and makes a great perfume to wear daily.

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8. Thierry Mugler Cologne by Thierry Mugler

Time: Day
Season: Summer and spring
Signatures: Citrus, white floral, fresh spicy, aromatic
Keywords: Clean, unique, unisex, simple

Thierry Mugler Cologne strikes you first with the color of the liquid within its bottle. It’s a bright green, and the flacon is almost industrial, or futuristic, in its construction. We like the look it gives, and it makes us anticipate a daring cologne within.

First created all the way back in 2001, Thierry Mugler Cologne smells fantastic, even as it goes light on the notes. Sometimes simplicity is superior. The top tier of notes consists of bergamot, neroli, and petitgrain. African orange blossom makes up the middle on its own, and musk is the sole note as the base.

From the notes, it’s clear that orange has a large influence on this fragrance with neroli, petitgrain, and orange blossom all having origin from the orange tree. It is a fresh, clean fragrance, and resembles fancy citrus soap in its scent. That cleanness in the cologne makes it a fantastic choice for the summer and spring.

The scent performs moderately when it comes to both longevity and projection. It straddles the unisex line nicely, so anyone can wear it. The orange notes make it sweet and clean, and the musk gives it a solid base, making it a unique pleasing cologne for anyone.

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9. 24 Faubourg by Hermes for Women

Time: Day and night
Season: Fall and winter
Signatures: White floral, floral, woody, balsamic
Keywords: Feminine, vintage, unapologetic, sophisticated

From the famous fashion brand Hermes comes 24 Faubourg. It is a vintage scent, produced for the first time 25 years ago. The flacon looks regal, with a light gold tint to the neck and cap, and even the fluid itself is congruent.

The notes are plentiful here, with fruits making the majority in the top notes, with orange, peach, and bergamot. The middle is exclusively floral, and almost exclusively white floral. This is thanks to jasmine, orange blossom, gardenia, and black elder, with only iris straying from the white theme. The base is less themed, with sandalwood, amber, patchouli, and vanilla contributing.

This fragrance revolves around the distinctive scent of orange blossoms. However, this isn’t the plain note that other fragrances have. There’s something more exotic about this, and it might be other notes adding background to it, but it’s absolutely regal. This perfume is elegant and confident and unapologetic in how amazing it smells.

This is a vintage scent, and it comes with the same quality expected from most of them. It is sophisticated and wealthy, and the fragrance is built for the secure woman who carries herself with pride. It performs fantastically, filling up any room and lasting over 10 hours at a go.

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10. Fleur Du Male by Jean Paul Gaultier

Time: Day and night
Season: Spring and summer
Signatures: Herbal, aromatic, fresh spicy, citrus
Keywords: Sexy, intimate, clean, dominant

We’ve always found Jean Paul Gaultier’s perfumes to have the most interesting housings. Like most of them, this takes the shape of a male torso, but finished in all white. It’s very classy looking.

Fleur Du Male puts its scent together with just 4 notes. There’s petitgrain in the top, neroli in the middle, and chamomile and basil at the base. It’s a rather uncomplicated setup, and when half of the notes have their relations with oranges, you get a citrus-leaning scent.

Performance on this is exceptional, and you’ll need to be extremely careful with your application. It’ll last the whole day, and just a little is enough to cover you with its orange-scented aura.

This scent is relentlessly sexy and has a tone that’s clean and a little soapy. This is a scent that is solid for night time events as it adds to the sex appeal and mystery it carries. It’s astounding how this depth could be achieved with just 4 notes. Less truly is more sometimes.

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