How to Apply Cologne – The dos and don’ts

Having a good cologne is not enough to smell good. You also need to apply it correctly. In this article we’ll go through how to apply cologne, where to apply it and how much you need.

Smelling good is a way to up your confidence and your presence in any space that you find yourself in. Getting yourself a great cologne is one way to do this.

You might wonder though, are you really using it the right way? Are you hitting the proper spots, or are you using too much? Is it overkill for a casual event?

Don’t worry, this article will provide all the answers you need.

How to Apply Cologne

If you know how to apply cologne properly, you might be thinking, “who doesn’t know the right way to apply a fragrance?”. Truth is, a lot of people. And in fact, you might be doing it the wrong way too!

A lot of people think of cologne as the finishing touch to a well-dressed individual, but it shouldn’t be the last thing you put on in any case.

Here are the steps you should follow to make sure that you apply cologne the right way, all the time:

  1. Once you’re out of the shower, don’t be in a rush to get dressed. Stay naked, and once your skin is dry, it is time to apply.
  2. You want to apply your cologne to your pulse points, as the heat these regions give off will allow the cologne to be slowly released through the day. We will talk about these locations later.
  3. Spray onto your skin from the ideal distance of three to six inches away. If you spray too close, you’ll just be soaking that spot in a bath of cologne. If you spray too far, it won’t be effective. Also make sure that your nozzle works properly. It should be shooting out a mist.

How to apply splash cologne

If you use splash cologne, you might be wondering how to properly apply that. Well, it’s not too difficult.

Press a finger to the opening of the bottle. Tip it over gently so that the tip of your finger comes in contact with the cologne. Then press that finger to the pulse points you want to apply the scent to.

While these are the basics steps of how to apply cologne, there are also some common errors that you should note and avoid. These are how not to apply cologne:

  • Don’t spray onto your clothes. This is perhaps one thing that most people are guilty of. Truth be told, there isn’t anything inherently bad about spraying on your clothes, but you simply won’t get the most from your cologne like you would if you sprayed on your skin.

By spraying on your skin, the cologne sticks closer to you and evolves as it should thanks to your body heat.

Plus, sometimes cologne can decolor and damage the clothes you spray it onto. That’s the last thing you want to happen to your expensive shirt.

  • Don’t spray into the air and walk through the cloud. We’re not sure where this came from, but it is a common practice. You’ll be wasting your fragrance and you won’t be getting it onto those precise spots that you need it.
  • Don’t rub it in. Many people spray onto one wrist and then rub it against the other and then against their neck. This is inefficient and the friction can rush you past the top notes and also dull the scent by mixing it with your natural oils.

Where to Apply Cologne

You should be applying cologne to the points of your body known as ‘pulse points’. These are the spots where blood runs close to the skin, providing increased warmth.

As a result, they provide warmth to any fragrance applied above them, allowing them to project and develop properly and as intended.

Here are some of the best pulse points to apply cologne to.

However, before we get into that, it’s important to think of the pulse points you choose as being at the center of a sphere. You can spray behind your knees, but the entirety of your scent will be too low for most people to really appreciate!

  • Behind your ears
  • The base of your neck
  • The inside of your wrist
  • The inside of your elbow
  • Behind your knees
  • Armpits

Although they aren’t pulse points, your crotch region, chest, and shoulders, are also great candidates.

Note, we don’t recommend spraying on every single one of these spots. You’ll smell too strong and that’s a turn-off to anyone.

You know what? Let’s talk about how much cologne you should be wearing.

How Much Cologne to Wear

Even if you know the right places to apply cologne, what to do, and what not to do, the part that can be the most difficult to get perfect is applying just the right amount.

Cologne can be rather potent at times, so we all know you don’t need to apply too much. The thing is, when it comes time to apply it, we also want to make sure we don’t apply too little, otherwise, if it is barely noticeable, isn’t it just a waste?

We’re of the school of thought that less is more, so we think one spray is enough on the pulse points you choose to hit. If you want a bit more intensity, then a second spray in that same spot, but never more than two.

In total, we like to keep our total sprays between three and four. At least one spot on the head or neck, two spots on the torso, and then a last one elsewhere. But you should learn to develop your own system!

Wrists, neck, and chest is a good trio to go for though. One spray on each of these, and that you should be perfectly sufficient for most things. You can choose to switch up from here if you need a starting point to experiment with.

If you have a friend nearby, you can ask them to help you judge how heavy you have applied. Go minimalist first and then ask. It is easy to add more if they can’t smell you from a few feet away, but if they can spell you from across the room, you’ll have to take a whole shower.

When to Wear Cologne

This part can be a little tricky. There isn’t exactly a bad time to wear cologne, but it depends on the kind of cologne you plan to wear.

Some are more suited for formal events, while others will excel when you wear them casually. It’s a bit too much if you wear a dinner cologne to pick up groceries.

In general, there are sometimes when you might want to skip out on the cologne entirely. If you’re looking to go and play ten games of volleyball at the beach, it’s best to leave the cologne behind. Check our article about the best beach perfumes to find a fragrance that you can wear during beach day.

In circumstances such as that, an antiperspirant or deodorant is a better choice.

Also, confined spaces such as dense parties or an airplane are places where you either want to completely forgo a scent, or go very minimal with it.

Wearing cologne to work is always a great idea. However, this is one of the situations where you want to go lighter on your application. You have other people working with you after all. Let them smell your presence, but don’t choke them out.

Something delicate like a floral scent, or something with citrus, would be best for an office scent.

For the weekend or after work socialization, you can crank it up a notch. Go for something more unique with a presence. Woody, spicy, and citrus fragrances are great choices in situations like these. They tend to smell distinguished.

And if you want to push things up just another step, wait for weddings, dates, and other big occasions. Think of it this way. If you’ll be dressed to kill, then you should smell just as sharp.

Just because you can go with something intense and dominating doesn’t mean you should overapply! Scents with musk, tobacco, or any kind of liquor can smell divine, and like the perfect gentleman.

It can be hard to figure this out straight from the start, but if you’re not certain, simply go for less. It is always preferable to smell subtle as opposed to overpowering the room with your strong cologne.

Knowing how to use it is important

Cologne can be an absolute game-changer for any man or woman. It is one thing to look spectacular, but smelling just as good can hit the senses in a way that vision can’t.

You should know how, when, and where to apply your cologne. The perfect application will surround you with the perfect amount of fragrance, and this will make you a winner each and every time.