What can Perfume do to Leather – How to Protect and Remove

It isn’t rare for people to associate leather with tough guys and gals. Picture a gang of bikers on the dirt road, in their rugged leather jackets and pants.

Well, that was a long time ago.

Leather has long shed its bad boy image and has joined the class of popular fabrics. These days, you will find it in a wide variety of colors and weights, making it a highly versatile fabric in the clothing and fashion industry.

In spite of the rowdy and rugged external appearance of leather, this fabric is astonishingly delicate. You need to take good care of it, and this is true especially when you combine leather with perfume.

Can you spray perfume on leather clothes

If you are anything like us, your outfit would not feel complete without a final spritz of your favorite perfume before stepping out.

When you regularly spray perfume on your leather garments, remember to take special care, especially if the perfume you use is alcohol-based.

We would recommend you to never directly spray your perfume on your leather garment.

If you follow our articles, you know we do not advise directly spraying perfume on clothing fabrics and leather certainly remains at the top of this list.

If you want your leather to last for a long time, treat it with great care. This includes keeping it away from direct exposure to perfume.

That said, we are only human and mistakes do happen. If you have accidentally sprayed perfume on any of your leather garments, you will have to take preventive measures.

In order to make sure your perfume does not stain or dry out your leather clothes or even change its color, make sure you wipe it down after you have worn it.

Here are more tips on how to clean your leather after spraying perfume on it.

How to remove perfume from leather

When you wear perfume, it gives you an aura of allure and intrigue until you spill it on fine leather. Then it puts you in a funk.

Most perfumes hold some amount of oil and alcohol which is why you need to put in extra effort when removing the smell of perfume from leather to make sure you do not leave behind any oily stain.

Removing perfume from leather involves two simple processes – first, you need liquid soap, followed by a good absorbent in order to pull out the oil residue. Here are 6 steps to remove perfume from fine leather.

Follow these 6 simple steps below


In a bucket, mix water and liquid soap. Swirl it around continuously to create frothy suds.


With the help of a sponge, take out only the frothy suds and work the lather onto the area where you spilled the perfume. Start scrubbing with a gentle hand.


Once you are done scrubbing, blot out the area with the help of paper towels.


After blotting out the excess liquid, sprinkle the stain spot with cornmeal. Leave it on for a couple of hours. The cornmeal will absorb the perfume scent and oils. If you find the stain and odor still persists, you can repeat the application as many times as necessary.


Once you are satisfied that the perfume scent and oils are gone, use a damp sponge to wipe away the cornmeal. Then with the help of paper towels, blot-dry the area.


You will notice a dull patch around the area you just cleaned. In order to restore the shine, simply start buffing the area using a conditioning product or a saddle soap.

Additional Tips:

  • Remember, leather does not fare well with hot water. You only want to use warm or cool water.
  • Avoid using soaps that contain harsh chemicals as it will damage the fine leather.
  • If you have sprayed too much perfume and the strong odor just won’t wash off, try soaking it in a small amount of vinegar diluted with water. Wash it gently by hand. Remember not to wring out the excess water from the leather garment. A short soak in the solution should be able to remove the odor.
  • Do not soak your garment using the wrong method or worse, do not dump it in the washing machine as this will ruin your fine leather.
  • If you find the odor or stain still persists or if you are in doubt, take it to a cleaning professional. They will know what to do.

What type of perfumes work well with leather

It is not the easiest task to combine fine leather with perfume, but it’s also not entirely impossible.

If you take proper care of your leather, you know it has its own unique smell – an earthy and rich scent that leans more towards masculine rather than feminine.

Hence, if your leather garment has its own scent, try to pair it with fragrances that have spicy, floral, oriental, earthy powdery, or even woody notes.

If you own one of those thick leather garments, the thick layer may act as a barrier that stands between the world and your fragrance.

Yet again, since thick leathers can trap the heat in your body, it will leave you feeling a lot hotter than you usually do which will in turn diffuse your perfume a lot more faster than usual.

Do not make the mistake of applying your perfume in liberal doses. Yes, you do need to apply a little more than what you would normally wear but make sure you do not go overboard.

Spraying your pulse points with an additional spritz or two should do the trick. Another trick is to layer up your fragrance.

This trick will work wonders even when you are wearing other fabrics besides fine leather.


Leather is not like other fabrics. You need to give it regular maintenance. If you neglect it for too long especially during the dry seasons, the garment will effectively get ruined.

To keep your leather garment always looking and smelling great, use a good quality leather conditioner regularly.

With proper care, your leather garment can last you a lifetime. And never ever use perfumes containing alcohol on leather clothes – it might ruin the fabric.