14 Best Tom Ford Colognes For Men 2021

There is something special with Tom Ford colognes. The elegance and sophistication is so iconic – unique, to say the least. We have gone through their most popular fragrances to find their absolute best colognes for men. The result? 14 great Tom Ford colognes for men, for every occasion, taste and budget.

Tom Ford is a young brand, yet their fragrances are already turning into classics. Their scents for men are so mature, masculine and stabile – that they compete with colognes and brands that have been here for 20, 30 – even 40 years.

This is rare for us to say about any brand, but, every man should have at least one Tom ford cologe at home. It’s a scent that differs the boys from the men.

Best Tom Ford Colognes For Men

We have been huge fans of Tom Ford’s perfumes for nearly a decade now. It all began when he launched his Noir collection in 2012. We had never smelled anything as heavenly and alluring as the Noir De Noir.

In the 15 years that the Tom Ford brand has been around, they have invented some of the most celebrated fragrances in the industry. Not only for men, but also women and unisex.

In this guide, we have focused on the best Tom Ford colognes for men.

Let’s find your favorite!

1. Oud Wood by Tom Ford

Time: Night
Season: Fall
Signatures: Woody, balsamic, oud, warm spicy, and aromatic
Keywords: Elegant, modern and luxe

The Oud Wood was one of Tom’s very first creations when he ventured into the perfume industry. He aimed to make a fragrance that was palatable but also slightly mild for mainstream masses. Needless to say, the Oud Wood was a success.

This cologne is very easy to wear, especially when you compare it to agarwood fragrances on the market. It has an incredibly soft opening, too soft for a Tom Ford perfume, if we may say so.

The first notes that hit you are those of rose and nutty cardamom. You may also be able to detect hints of vanilla, vetiver, and Szechuan pepper.

Following closely are tones of oud. This scent is not very pronounced, perhaps because it’s encased in a veil of spice and sweetness. Half an hour later, the Oud wood remains a perfume that is predominantly oud, cardamom, and rose.

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2. Tom Ford for Men

Time: Day
Season: Fall and spring
Signatures: Citrus, woody, warm spicy, fresh spicy, and aromatic
Keywords: Refined, sensual, and sophisticated

It is no secret that some of Tom Ford’s fragrances are some of the most expensive on the market. But there are affordable offerings too, such as Tom Ford for Men. Invented by renowned perfumer Yves Cassar, this modern classic is suitable for wearing during the day.

Fresh citrus and violet leaf form the perfume’s top layer. They are quickly followed by a blend of woody notes, which include amber, leatherwood, patchouli, and cedar. These four serve as the backbone of the scent, although patchouli is the most dominant accord.

Other ingredients used in its formulation are oakmoss, tobacco leaf, basil, ginger, and black pepper. These work well together, creating a slightly sweet but sophisticated fragrance.

But what makes this cologne a stand-out is its intrinsic use of Moroccan grapefruit flower. It is a rare ingredient harvested manually from blossoms for just three weeks each year.

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3. Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

Time: Day
Season: Spring and summer
Signatures: Woody, aromatic, earthy, citrus, and fresh spicy
Keywords: Glamorous and alluring

The Grey Vetiver was initially created in 2009. Back then, it was a woody, spicy, evening-suited fragrance that wasn’t all that popular. A little over ten years on, it’s been transformed to a fresher and more modern cologne, causing it to gain prominence.

So how has Tom Ford managed to do this? For starters, he has retained the initial notes that made it unique. This entails an intriguing combination of vetiver and amber with hints of grapefruit, sage, and warm orris.

He then increased the citrus accords by incorporating lime, lemon, and slipping orange blossom. The result is a fine and refreshing fragrance that’s perfect for day wear.

What we like most about Grey Vetiver is how it celebrates the core element – vetiver- without being overpowering. Vetiver is not the easiest ingredient to work with, due to its intrinsically earthy signature. So being able to pull this off is a big win.

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4. Tom Ford Noir Extreme

Time: Night
Season: Winter and fall
Signatures: Balsamic, sweet, warm spicy, vanilla, and woody
Keywords: Daring, sensational

The Noir Extreme is one of our favorites in Tom Ford’s Signature collection. It’s a luxury cologne with characteristics similar to the Guerlain classics, but with a contemporary twist.

When you open it for the first time, you’ll be hit with spicy notes of cardamom and cinnamon. If you’re keen, you may also detect hints of rum in the background. This latter scent is one aspect that helps to present Noir as a plush and high-end perfume.

After the spicy notes, what follows is a cafe-like fragrance. This scent is so strong that it’s almost like being in an actual cafe filled with an assortment of tasty pastries or a wide range of apple pies.

Noir’s middle notes are rather intriguing- they’re distinct but also transparent to an extent. This cologne certainly presents a more grounded aura as it settles on your skin. This can be attributed to the sandalwood ingredient, which gives it a subtle softness.

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5. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

Time: Night
Season: Winter and fall
Signatures: Sweet, tobacco, vanilla, balsamic, and warm spicy
Keywords: Lavish, and iconic

Have you always wanted to try a tobacco-infused fragrance? If so, Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille is a great place to start. As you might have guessed from the name, it’s paired with the sweet and sexy vanilla scent, creating a truly refreshing cologne that’s particularly suitable for the colder months.

Created in 2007 by master perfumer Olivier Gillotin, this cologne opens with a burst of vanilla, sweet tobacco, cocoa as well as tonka bean. These scents are very pronounced and sweet, which can be overwhelming for some men. Thankfully, the sweetness is quickly counteracted by the base notes of dried fruits.

Longevity-wise, the effects of this perfume are long-lasting. If you spray it a couple of times, it can reach double-digit hours of wear.

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6. Tom Ford Ombre Leather

Time: Night
Season: Fall
Signatures: Leather, animalic, balsamic, white floral, woody, and warm spicy
Keywords: Textural and sensual

Not everyone likes leather fragrances. They tend to be heavy, heady, and they don’t settle on one’s skin quickly. Thankfully, Tom Ford’s Ombre Leather is a far cry from this. It is sweeter, lighter and can easily be worn all year round.

Ombre Leather bears a striking resemblance to Tom’s other leather perfume- Tuscan Leather. The key difference is that Ombre doesn’t have the extra notes of raspberry and saffron.

Creamy cardamom and soft leather notes open this cologne. The experience is similar to that burst of air that hits the first time you get into a luxury car.

A faint accord of oakmoss follows this. As it dries down, the soft amber and leather scents become more apparent.

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7. Tom Ford Private Blend Noir De Noir

Time: Night
Season: Winter
Signatures: Earthy, rose, patchouli, warm spicy, woody
Keywords: Sexy and indulgent

A fantastic addition to the brand’s Private Blend collection, Noir De Noir was initially launched in 2007. Representing two perfumers’ collaborative work: Harry Fremont and Jacques Cavallier, this fragrance is elegant, and relaxing with intriguing spicy nuances.

Noir De Noir opens with a vibrant rose fragrance. And, while we’re not fond of rose scents, this one certainly impressed us with its opening scene.

The sweet smell of the rich Damask rose is followed by what feels like a flicker of oud. The oud was so subtle that we weren’t able to detect it on the first whiff.

Equally unnoticeable is the oakmoss component. Again, we only noticed this ingredient’s pungent and grey-green bitterness the second time we smelt this perfume.

What can be detected with ease is the strong note of black truffle. This, combined with the sweet saffron and patchouli, creates an earthy and luxurious feel.

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8. Tom Ford Mandarino Di Amalfi

Time: Day
Season: Summer
Signatures: Aromatic, citrus, white floral, fresh spicy, and green
Keywords: Pleasant, long-lasting

Mandarino Di Amalfi was created to celebrate the mandarin fruit, and it does this perfectly. With its zesty and bright aroma, this component serves as the perfect complement for basil. This combo brings to mind a mojito cocktail you’d enjoy in the serenity of a sundrenched evening breeze.

Another thing that drew us to this fragrance entails the jasmine floral notes. These tout a lovely creaminess to themselves, helping to balance the tartness of the fresh citrus.

We also like that Tom Ford incorporated vetiver. This ingredient introduces an earthy yet vibrant scent, which results in a warm and sensual perfume when mixed with civet musk.

For men who like perfumes that can last all day, the Mandarino Di Amalfi is a superb choice. Although it is lighter, its notes cling to your skin for longer.

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9. Tom Ford Tuscan Leather

Time: Night
Season: Winter and fall
Signatures: Leather, animalic, balsamic, white floral, woody, and warm spicy
Keywords: Modern and complex

Leather fragrances are known for their distinctive, masculine and plush scents, and this Tom Ford Tuscan Leather is no exception. This was invented by perfumer Harry Fremont, who is no stranger to this industry.

Harry used leather and saffron to engage its top notes. Once you take this first whiff, you’ll find it somewhat similar to Godolphin by Parfum.

However, there is one thing that sets Tuscan Leather apart: the inclusion of a subtle raspberry note. This accord helps to sweeten the background slightly.

Tuscan Leather is among the best leather fragrances on the market. It creates a rich, yet super-sleek feel. It is further reinforced by adding a black suede note. The result is a sensual and warm cologne that is suitable for the winter season.

When it comes to sillage, the initial effect of this fragrance is quite powerful. It then dries down into something a little more moderate. For us, we don’t mind its loudness and strength when it kicks off.

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10. Tom Ford Fabulous

Time: Night
Season: Winter
Signatures: Aromatic, leather, almond, balsamic, sweet, and floral
Keywords: Oriental and exquisite

For the gent who does not feel contented with regular perfumes, the Tom Ford Fabulous is a nice upgrade. Almonds form this cologne’s top notes creating a bitter-sweet, fluffy, and powdery accord. The resulting scent bears a striking resemblance to that of heliotrope, except with some bitterness to it.

It is closely followed by the scent of tonka beans, which strengthens the fluffiness. You may also detect a vanillic smell, which further highlights its similarity to heliotrope.

Lavender is another dominant accord in this perfume. It helps to tie the tonka beans and vanilla scents together, creating a honey-sweet, vanilla, lavender aroma.

To wrap things up is a grassy, slightly sweet orris with hints of smoky leather. The latter scent becomes more pronounced as time goes by. In fact, within a span of 15 minutes, it will be the most dominant scent.

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11. Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford

Time: Day
Season: Summer
Signatures: Citrus, fresh spicy, white floral, aromatic, and green
Keywords: Radiant and sparkly

Portofino was originally invented in 2007 by perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux. However, it’s been upgraded to a gorgeous azure blue packaging.

Except for the high price tag, this fragrance is good all-round. It opens with an aromatic scent alongside herbal, somewhat soapy accords.

These can be attributed to the rosemary, thyme, and lavender ingredients. These are then combined with the citrusy bergamot, resulting in cologne with an exhilarating trait. The aromatic notes are accompanied by green floral notes of orange blossom and neroli.

These two introduce a silky layer to the perfume’s structure. There are nice woody amber and herbal musk notes in the end that give Neroli Portofino a classical polish.

The sillage of this cologne can be described as light to medium. It’s not overpowering, but you’ll still be able to detect it within the first few hours, especially if you apply generously. Overall, its longevity is estimated at 5 to 6 hours.

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12. Tom Ford Rive D’ambre

Time: Day
Season: Spring and summer
Signatures: Citrus, aromatic, balsamic, fresh, and fresh spicy
Keywords: Inviting

The Rive D’ambre by Olivier Gillotin was originally launched as an eau de parfum back in 2013. It has since been re-interpreted and upgraded to create a fresh and citrus-y fragrance perfect for the hot season.

According to the brand, the cologne draws inspiration from the act of giving citrus fruits as gifts.

In that regard, this perfume opens with the scent of bergamot and freshly-squeezed lemon. This is followed by hints of slightly bitter oil, extracted from orange rind. At this point, you may also detect pepper and some green herbs which only vaguely smell like tarragon.

Now it doesn’t take long for this fragrance to hit its lighter notes. In fact, it never really has a strong kick to begin with. Still, it quickly shifts to a muted scent within a short amount of time. All in all, Rive D’ambre can be described as a soft blend of citruses.

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13. Tom Ford Vanille Fatale

Time: Night
Season: Winter and fall
Signatures: Balsamic, vanilla, warm spicy, woody and sweet
Keywords: Chilling and polished

A little sweet, a little smoky – Vanille Fatale smells like the flaming embers left at the end of a campfire attended by the most stylish people in the world. The latest addition to Tom Ford’s Private Blend collection, this vanillic fragrance is a clear winner for us.

Tom Ford has employed an exceptional approach with the Madagascan vanilla present here. It’s been mixed with incense notes. This has resulted in a raw, complex and captivating fragrance right from the first spritz.

You may also detect roasted barley, roasted coffee and mahogany ingredients. Thanks to these, the cologne is not overly sweet and has just the right amount of smokiness to keep it intriguing.

The base notes are warm and woody and are only made more elegant by incorporating suede.

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14. Tom Ford Champaca Absolute

Time: Day and night
Season: Fall
Signatures: Floral, sweet, woody, powdery and balsamic
Keywords: Oriental and long-lasting

This is another one of Tom Ford’s Private Blend colognes. Its name draws inspiration from the raw materials used in its formulation. To be specific, Champaca Absolute refers to the process used to extract liquid from the Magnolia Champaca flower.

Now, you’re probably more interested in what this cologne smells like so we’ll get right to it.

Bergamot, cognac and dyers greenweed form its top layer. These are followed by a soft center featuring orchid, violet, Champaca and jasmine. Of the four, Champaca is the most prominent. The base, which is made up of sandalwood, vanilla, amber, and Marron grace, give the perfume a nice dry down.

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Wrap Up

The ideal scent for a man is one that will settle nicely on everything you’re wearing and linger in the minds of everyone you’ll meet. Although this sounds a little cliche, it’s the truth.

You’ll be surprised at just how many compliments you can get once you start using a fragrance of high quality.

In that regard, Tom Ford creates some of the best colognes for men. Designed to leave a lasting impression, these perfumes boast fresh and delightful scents. Plus, they have a variety of notes, so you’re sure to find one that you like.