33 Most Popular Citrus Notes in Perfumes – Ultimate Guide

In this article you’ll find the 33 most popular citrus notes in perfumes. We have described what they smell like and on which occasion they fit the best.

Fresh fragrances boost your confidence when you are in a public gathering. Citrus aromas are very popular and frequent in almost every perfume now days.

Not to mention that it’s one of the most popular ingredients in most summer perfumes.

33 Common citrus notes in fragrances

Are you curious to what a specific note smell like, or are you just looking for your future favorite?

Then this is the perfect place for you.

We have gone through each note and described what it smells like.

Let’s have a look at what we have got for you today!


With a touch of tartness, Bergamot is the most acceptable form of citrus notes that you can buy today.

Bergamot serves you with a sweet fragrance like other citrus notes. But you’ll feel a noticeable difference between Bergamot and other citrus notes.

Bitter Orange

Add a combination of bitterness and sweet orange oil in your life with the Bitter Orange.

Bitter orange will give you a unique fragrance, thanks to several floral varieties. It blends with jasmine, neroli, and vanilla, giving you a stress-free living style.

Perfect for giving a gift to your loved ones!

Blood Orange

Sweeter than Sweet Orange, Blood Orange holds its place in the famous citrus notes. It has the characteristics of orange mixed with a fresh and sweet aroma.

Blood Orange grows in Spain. Blood Orange citrus notes are in-demand by both men and women.


Calamansi citrus notes come with a combination of lime and orange. Yet, it gives a sweet sparkling effect.

Cool areas are where you can cultivate Calamansi of high-quality. Buy the fragments with Calamansi citrus notes and say goodbye to anxiety.


The fragrance of Chinotto citrus notes will remind you of bitter oranges. It is also a popular citrus note in perfumes which will give you a fresh aromatic feel. Some people also say that the scent helps them to reduce stress.

Chinotto is grown and cultivated in Italy and Liguria. Fragrances having Chinotto citrus notes act as energising agent for a tired person.


People think that Citron and Lemon are the same things, and it is correct to some extent.

Citron is a rare and less juicy citrus fruit.

Fragrances with citron citrus notes create a sweet and balanced aroma. Citron grows in several parts of Italy, France, and Greece. It gives you a taste of lemon plus lime with a touch of dryness.


If you want fragrances with a sweet aroma, go for perfumes with Clementine citrus notes.

China is the centre of Clementine’s productivity.

Scents with Clementine give you a complex aromatic feeling like Red Mandarine. If you love complex and sweet perfumes, you’ll love those with Clementine citrus notes.

Finger Lime

Fragrances with Finger Lime citrus notes are a pleasant gift for those who love spicy aromas. If you love being unique in your friend circle, try fragrances with Finger Lime citrus notes.

This rare scent is a bit salty, which makes it completely different from other citrus notes. Sub-tropical rainforest and Queensland are the well-known areas for growing Finger Lime.


Add an elegant touch to your luxurious lifestyle with Grapefruit citrus notes perfumes. Grapefruit is the most common element used in making some high-quality perfumes.

Perfumes with Grapefruit fragrance notes create a sweet and bitter mixed aroma. Israel, the USA, and Argentina are the leading producers of Grapefruit.

If you own a luxurious lifestyle, you’ll love fragrances with Grapefruit citrus notes.


With a grape-like aroma, Hassaku citrus notes give you a fresh and sweet sparking effect. Fragrances with Hassaku are popular to boost confidence.

Perfumes are containing Hassaku create spicy aromas with long-lasting freshness. Scents with Hassaku citrus notes are pretty standard in women than men. So if you are a woman, go for such perfumes.


Savoury, spicy, and fresh for a sunny day!

Notes preferred to be used during summer/spring days and warmer days, bringing out the freshness in oneself. Citrus Notes in perfumes are tacky and trendy. They seem to stand out and pop on a significant level.

Hatkora lemon

Hatkora lemon is Woody and spicy at the same time.

Hatkora supports the wood-scented texture, and the citrus lemon tangy scent adds a fantastic aura around the wearer. It’s a relaxing scent as well as a generously spread-out note in perfumes.

A tad hint of Rose, Lavender & Saffron is the main vibe of Hatkora Lemon Mix.

Kaffir Lime

Kaffir Lime has a projectile of a strong vanilla aroma, with a taste of floral essence in general.

Not to mention the lime-like feel mixed with a peach and apple tingy mix makes it the perfect option for a night out or a family night in. It sets the tone of vibrance and a cheerful expression.


Sweet at the start and sour and Citrus-Y at the end. It’s the perfect blend for something sweet, something nice and a little bit naughty.

Whether you’re in public, a private event, or even at your house, this mix is enough to turn heads immediately.


King of Citrus and the king of tangy fragrances, a lemon mix is versatile and a diverse aura producer. It has that scent that always seems to keep one guessing the flavour.

Not only that, but the tone of lemon in fragrances is considered one of the lightest and gives a top-note aroma vibe, best for a warm summer day as a breeze flies by.

Lemon Balm

An aroma for the ages. Lemon Balm dramatically reduces anxiety, helps sleep well, manages and handles stress, and gives off a refreshing feeling.

One which is zealous and gives you the push you’ve been waiting for. It also acts as a confidence booster.

The calming scent also indicates superiority!

Lemon tree

A certainly detailed note with a touch of nature, lemon leaves and the zealous lemon note as well.

Despite it being light, considered to other notices, it most certainly brings out a joyous persona. Not to mention, but it is light in nature and provides a thrill for a convertible ride.

You can say that it gives you the stroll down a lane in the evening.

Lemon Verbena

A flower-essential scent extracted from a very intricate flowering plant called the white lilac. White lilac scents are known to be a calming reagent. It provides a sweet, refreshing embrace of white lilac spreads across and engulfs the area in a slow yet soothing note.

Not just easing the mind but also lifting the weight if public appearances off those shoulders when worn to a public spot.

Lemon Zest

Did you know that lemon skins house the most substantial portion of lemon scent?

Lemon zest is similar to a lemon note. It’s slightly more robust, and it is like a diverse combo of lemon note and lemon verbena with a hint of lavender-ish note in it. It is rich and strong at the same time. Easy to say it’s dynamic, just like the wearer itself.


Coupled with an intense flavour of lemon noted scent and a whole lot of spice.

A note with attitude made to make you feel super confident, so you keep your head up high wherever you go, whenever you go. It might be a bit high for some, but overall it’s nothing less than a remarkable note.


Lime is the only note that is both a high note and a note that blends with every other note!

It is best combined with florals like roses and lily flowers, gives its wearer the uplift needed to stand out from the crowd. It’s refreshing and innovative.


A hybrid note for a hybrid personality!

A mixed tone has one significant advantage. It plays both sides. The offensive and aggressive. A woody ginger-y scented note with a dash of bitter orange essence. A one-of-a-kind scent not suited for regular use as a special note should be for special occasions.

Litsea Cubeba

A strong lemon-scented sharp tone meant for high-class executive vibes.

Litsea Cubeba is a lot like lemon note, and lemon tree note combines and topped with a soft yet faint vanilla scent. Making it an everyday use and walk-out-stand-out kind of reminder for you to wear everywhere you go.

Mandarin Orange

Separated by its distinct aroma, it’s both floral and excessively sensual. Allowing the one who wears it to loosen all sense of boundaries and let go.

It is a mind-boggling sensation to wear a faint yet ripe shade of mandarin orange note perfume and let go of all that’s holding you back and feel the new and more confident version of you.


Pink pepper for spice and lilac, roses, germanium for everything excellent.

Mandora is the definition of mixed reality. Want to outsmart the note of a men’s fragrance?

Wear a Mandora noted perfume to counter any men fragrance. Be the better version of YOU with the only scent meant to take you from being average to nowhere near being average.

Methyl Pamplemousse

What would it feel like to have an exotic fruit’s essence blend in with that of a standard set of citrus?

Pretty strange if you’d ask an expert. Methyl Pamplemousse is the derivative of perfection, elegance and soft finishing touches. It is meant to be worn for a lady-like look and to be courteous in general public sightings. Contains a decent amount of sharp notes and an equally decent amount of low notes, making it just about right!


Want a sweet scent to engulf those around you?

Neroli is a honey-based fragrance note with a hint of cinnamon and a few distinctively raw spicy notes here and there. It’s like one is wearing fire and a cover of ice—an oddly great blend for the best fragrance note.


A classical suitor for noticeable fragrance notes. If applied slightly, it has a doozy effect. If used in quantity, it can be a strong note if worn heavily.

With the intense citrus-y aroma, top it off with a floral under-scent note, and you’re ready to take on anything that comes your way.


The citrus-like, woodsy and floral scent note of Petitgrain provides the push you need to cross over to the other side. It’s soft with the smallest combo of floral.

Even though it is derived from leaves, it still has hint traces of black pepper & lime in it. Conclusively, making it undoubtedly a fresh note.


Ripe like grapefruit & decent a slight shade of lemon zest scented notes, Pomelo is a complex mix of juice, spicy, saucy, and bitter-sweet. It is one of few known to be distinct due to the intoxicating exotic aroma they emit and how they grab the attention of anyone who has a close interaction with it.


A sweet-sour and bitter scent resonant from marijuana but far less moist than other essence extract notes. It also has a tad bit of citrus in it too.

Such a unique combination of scents in a unanimous way makes it a real deal-maker and a valid appeal to the one who wears it.


A nice yet with a hint of honey-based subtlety makes it the best mix and most suited for small gatherings and days out. It gives its wearer the right amount of pizzazz and confidence to stand up straight and head held high—the blend to make an introvert into an extravert.


A woody note with a hint of salt. It is a calming meditating scent that eases the mind, soothes tense muscles and a lot more.

Yuzu is the precise tranquillity, class, and grace—a graceful note with sophistication and elegant taste.