Best Coconut Cologne 2021 – Top 10 Coconut Perfumes

In this article we’ll help you find the best coconut cologne – no matter occasion, season or budget.

Looking for a good coconut fragrance isn’t the easiest task.

There are a lot of perfumes that claim to deliver a genuine coconut scent, but in reality they just smell cheap and synthetic.

We set out to find the the best coconut fragrances on the market today – and we actually found some really impressive scents!

Coconut are usually found in summer fragrances. Don’t miss our article about the best summer perfumes and also our review of fragrances to wear at the beach.

Best Coconut perfumes

This guide was not easy to put together. As you probably know, there really aren’t that many good coconut fragrances out there.

However, we have found some really good perfumes. All that research and constant testing finally paid off.

Here are our the top 10 coconut colognes.

1. Virgin island Water Creed

Time: Day
Season: Summer
Signatures: Citrus, sweet, coconut, vanilla
Keywords: Unisex, tropical, exotic, expensive

Virgin Island Water is a name which instantly evokes the imagery of the clear blue waters of tropical islands. So, you wouldn’t be wrong to expect a very warm tropical scent from this cologne.

This cologne mixes an array of very exotic notes together to reach the fragrant conclusion it carries.

The top notes are lime, white bergamot, Sicilian mandarin, for the citrus tone; and coconut. The middle is ginger with florals from ylang, jasmine, and hibiscus, and a base of white rum, sugar cane, and musk.

The coconut is perhaps the most prominent note in this and it is delicious to take in. The smell is fresh, and smells like a tropical cocktail.

As with many Creed scents, it is important to keep in mind that this scent is expensive, but it carries an exclusivity as a result, and you’ll certainly smell amazing while wearing it.

If you’re going on vacation or need a unique scent for the summer, then this is a fantastic choice to make. It doesn’t lean too strongly in any direction, so it also makes a great unisex cologne.

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2. Diptyque – Philosykos

Time: Day
Season: Summer, spring
Signatures: Green, woody, sweet, fresh, fruity
Keywords: Unisex, soft, natural, fresh

Pronouncing the name of this cologne may take more than one attempt. The hope that we had after seeing it was that the fragrance wouldn’t be that difficult to get a hang of.

This unisex fragrance came out back in 1996 and has been around since then. Long-standing colognes like this tend to be good, otherwise they wouldn’t last as long as they have.

Wood and figs are the major players in the notes for this cologne. There’s fig leaf and fig at the top, with green notes and coconut in the middle, and then fig tree, cedar, and other woody notes at the base.

The green notes are prominent in this fragrance, with the coconut taking more of a subdued role.

However, just because it is subdued doesn’t mean that it isn’t integral. It provides a creamy, sweet base to the cologne. We wouldn’t have this cologne without that note in it.

Performance is alright, just about average in terms of longevity and projection, so we don’t have any major complaints regarding that.

Overall, this makes for a great cologne for the summer sun. It is a unisex fragrance, so that great smell can be on anyone.

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3. Tom Ford Soleil Blanc

Time: Day
Season: Summer
Signatures: Coconut, white floral, sweet, amber
Keywords: Expensive, rich, comforting, feminine

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc comes packaged in a minimalist white bottle with gold accents. The overall effect is one of opulence, and the scent within it is equally rich.

This is a relatively new cologne, welcomed into the world back in 2016. Its notes are a mix of spices, flowers, and sweet notes coming up at the base.

The top notes are pistachio, bergamot, cardamom, and pink pepper, for a generally spicy profile. The middle is tuberose, ylang-ylang, and jasmine, which is distinctly floral. Coconut, benzoin, amber, and tonka, make the base.

If you’re looking for a very solid summer fragrance, then you can’t go wrong with this one. This is a cozy summer fragrance that blends together to smell like a beautiful beach.

The spiciness mixing with the floral sweetness and the tropical aroma of coconut makes for such a comforting cologne. This smell will stay with you for hours, but don’t expect longevity over a day.

The performance is mostly average, which is good enough. The floral middle kind of leans more towards a feminine scent, though we can see it working as a unisex cologne easily.

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4. Premier Figuier by L’Artisan

Time: Day
Season: Summer, spring
Signatures: Green, sweet, fruity, woody, fresh
Keywords: Intimate, beautiful, sensual, calm

Premier Figuier comes from the same nose that gave us Philosykos, in Olivia Giacobetti. This scent was released in 1994 and comes in a mature flacon.

Similar to that scent, there is a very heavy fig influence. The top notes are fig leaf and asafoetida. The latter adds a savory flavor to the cologne.

Fig shows up in the middle notes along with sandalwood and almond milk. The base has coconut, dried fruits, lime, and sandalwood coming for a second appearance.

The performance is moderate, with the longevity being enough for 6 hours out. The sillage holds a bit tighter to your body though, so we found we had to move in close to really get a scent.

This is a beautiful fragrance, with a strong green scent. The greenness is perhaps the most prominent aspect of it. Underneath that is the sweet creaminess of figs, almond milk, and coconut, providing perfect balance to the green.

This is a sensual, unsiex fragrance. It is not what we would call ‘sexy’, but more of ‘intimate’, considering how beautiful and soft the cologne is.

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5. Marc Jacobs for Men

Time: Day
Season: Spring, summer
Signatures: Woody, green, fresh, aromatic
Keywords: Masculine, classy, suave, handsome

The flacon for Marc Jacobs for Men isn’t particularly unusual, but it is a shape that isn’t seen very often. It goes for a ‘wider than taller’ shape, and it definitely sets it apart from the crowd.

This fragrance launched in 2002 and has quite a lot of notes in its composition.

The top is generally spicy, with cumin, ginger, and cardamom present among others. The middle incorporates fig leaf, pink flowers, and water notes. The base is earthier, using cedar, oakmoss, and patchouli.

This is a more masculine scent due to all that earthiness, and it was made for men, so that’s no surprise there. Performance isn’t anything exceptional but we wouldn’t say that it is bad either.

The middle notes give this a brighter profile in general. Male scents tend to be rather deep and earthy, so it is a nice change of pace. The spiciness at the top gives it some edge.

For the suave gentleman who wants to make a mark without throwing it in anyone’s face, this is the choice. It is relatively subtle due to the average performance, but it a wonderful cologne for men.

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6. Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille

Time: Day, night
Season: Winter, fall
Signatures: Vanilla, sweet, woody, coconut
Keywords: Mature, sophisticated, classic, fashionable

Sophisticated and classy are the words that come to our minds when we gaze upon the flacon for Un Bois Vanille by Serge Lutens. It is tall and rectangular, with a spherical stopper and a simple typeface.

This fragrance is mature and classic, and its perfect for the man or woman who has a tactful grasp on their fashion and carriage.

The perfume pyramid for this isn’t clear, but some of the notes incorporated are coconut milk, vanilla, tonka, black licorice, and sandalwood.

The longevity on this cologne is good, as it manages to last through the day. Projection and sillage are god too, coming off the skin and trailing behind prominently enough to catch anyone’s attention.

This cologne is heavy, so it may be overbearing in the warmer months, making it a perfect fit for the fall and winter.

This is a strong perfume, in the sense that it performs well. But despite the fact that it is heavy, it will act as a complement to the confident man or woman who is always stylishly dressed.

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7. Givenchy – Bois Martial

Time: Day, night
Season: Fall, spring
Signatures: Woody, sweet, fruity, coconut
Keywords: Simple, uncomplex, unisex, classy

Givenchy is best known for their luxury fashion, though that doesn’t mean that their scents fly under the radar. These carry a similar luxury appeal to their colognes.

Bois Martial belongs to Givenchy’s L’Atelier de Givenchy collection. These scents are meant to evoke imagery of Givenchy fashion and are made from some very rich ingredients.

There are only a few ingredients in this, being cedar wood, pineapple leaf, and coconut wood. Givenchy is giving us that much but they aren’t letting us into how they put these into tiers. It’s anyone’s guess.

The performance of this is relatively good, lasting a workday, but not much more than that. Its sillage is just bang average. These aren’t beast mode fragrances.

This perfume is a strong unisex option, with the woodiness taking the central role. It starts out with a bit of a sharp sweetness from the pineapple, before settling to a calm woody scent.

If you prefer subtle colognes, then this is a good choice. Its fragrance isn’t anything particularly exciting, but it is classy in its simplicity.

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8. Diesel – Only the Brave Wild

Time: Day
Season: Spring, summer
Signatures: Fresh spicy, citrus, coconut, aromatic
Keywords: Masculine,

If there was ever a bottle of cologne that was a bit too much, this is the one. Diesel has never been a sophisticated brand for suit-wearing businessmen, but this one might be a bit too much for us.

Putting that aside, as it is what is inside that matters, this masculine cologne is aimed only at those in its name. Only the brave.

It is a strong, sexy, and rugged scent, just like the brand it is coming from. If you find yourself a fan of Diesel and their fashion, then this will fit nicely into your collection.

This doesn’t go modest with the ingredients that produces this fragrance. Lemongrass, grapefruit, and black pepper make up the top notes, for a sharper opening.

Nutmeg, lavender, coumarin, and geranium are the heart notes, giving an aromatic and floral middle to the scent.

Then finally, at the base, coconut milk resides, dominating the cologne. Moss, cedar, and vetiver add the earthy base that most masculine fragrances depend on.

After spraying, the coconut comes through most prominently. There is an earthy green beneath that smell, with a bit of citrus thanks to the top notes.

This is a masculine scent, though there is a creamy smoothness from the coconut milk that most male scents wouldn’t attempt. The ruggedness of the bottle doesn’t quite translate into the fragrance.

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9. English Laundry – Tahitian Waters

Time: Day
Season: Summer, spring
Signatures: Citrus, sweet, woody, yellow floral
Keywords: Fun, masculine, casual, tropical

Lime, bergamot, orange, and coconut. Those top notes sound like the start to a delicious tropical drink. The type you might drink while floating around in Tahitian waters, so we can get the idea from the name.

The middle notes are floral – ylang-ylang and jasmine – and the base is brown sugar and cedar. Half of the ingredients here could actually make that smoothy we talked about.

This is a tropical summer fragrance through and through. You might be able to pull it off in spring too.

Though this looks like a scent that’d work easily as a unisex scent from the ingredients, the house markets it for men, and we’d agree with that. It’s the cedar doing that.

This is very decent for the price it comes at, which is affordable for pretty much anyone.

This will last long on you, though that aspect is better than its projection. This is a fresh fragrance for those playful occasions in the warmer months of the year and it carries a fun sophistication.

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10. Kilian – Moonlight in Heaven

Time: Day
Season: Summer, spring
Signatures: Sweet, tropical, citrus, aromatic, coconut
Keywords: Tropical, feminine, rich, pleasant

Kilian is respected, and there’s no doubt about that. Their fragrances come with a hefty price tag attached to them, which won’t be a surprise to you if you’re familiar with their brand.

This uses some rather interesting notes, particularly in the heart of the cologne.

At the top, strong flavors dominate, with the citrus of grapefruit and lemon, mixed with pink pepper. The middle goes tropical, with mango and coconut, and then rice, which is an unusual choice. The base is vetiver and tonka.

This is a unisex fragrance, though leaning more towards a feminine profile. The opening is sharp, the citrus showing its full strength, and as it lives on your skin a bit longer, the tropical fruitiness comes out of it.

This is a very interesting choice of fragrance, and the mango and rice make it something you won’t smell anything quite like on others.

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