Best Chocolate Perfumes 2021 – 11 Chocolate Scents

We have reviewed the best chocolate perfumes on the market today. Resulting in 11 priceworthy different fragrances for every occasion and season.

Not many things can beat a good chocolate scent.

However, finding one that is actually good, can sometimes be a problem.

There are a lot of chocolate perfumes to choose from, but a lot of them have a very dull and synthetic scent. They lack that warm and cozy smell that just makes you want to grasp every little bit of aroma.

We fixed that problem for you, by looking up the best chocolate fragrances today.

11 Best Chocolate Perfumes

We have looked at the most popular chocolate perfumes and filtered out the bad ones.

We found 11 awesome fragrances with a high-quality chocolate scent to them.

To make it comfortable for you, we have carefully categorized each perfume, so that you quick and easy can find the one that suits you the best.

1. Comptoir Sud Pacifique Amour De Cacao

Time: Day
Season: Winter, fall
Signatures: Cacao, vanilla, warm spicy, sweet
Keywords: Relaxing, nostalgic, calm, edible

The perfumes of Comptoir Sud Pacifique come in some of the calmest yet stunning bottles that we have ever seen. There’s just something about the way they are designed that screams luxury.

This fragrance for women launched in 1993 and its formulation only makes use of four notes. It is relatively uncommon these days to see fragrances that go so barebones.

The top note is orange. Cacao, the major element, is in the middle, along with star fruit. At the base, the creaminess of vanilla is present.

The chocolate in this is like that of a sweet chocolate cookie, with just a little bit of a fruity element behind it all. It is perfect for the cold months because of this.

It holds onto skin less confidently than it does clothes. You’ll manage only a few hours on the skin and that’s without strong projection. It’s a shame because this is a delicious perfume from Comptoir Sud Pacifique.

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2. Al-Rehab Choco Musk

Time: Day, night
Season: Winter, fall
Signatures: Vanilla, warm spicy, chocolate, sweet
Keywords: Cozy, delectable, unisex, authentic

It’s fine if you haven’t heard the name of this house before. Most people haven’t. But you’ll likely be glad that you’ve come across it today.

This fragrance is unisex and comes with a total of nine notes contributing to its overall product. Major among those are milk chocolate and musk, as the name would give away, along with vanilla, cinnamon, sandalwood, spicy notes, and more.

The moment you spray this, the first thing that will likely come to your mind is ‘yum’. This smells absolutely edible, like a bowl of chocolate cereal or a mug of hot chocolate. It’s a shame it smells that good but doesn’t taste that way.

The longevity is the secret weapon to this delectable perfume. It lasts ridiculously long so you don’t need to put on too much. It is like a comforting, chocolatey hug throughout the day.

For the winter months, it is very hard to do better than this. This perfume will warm you up and make you feel like you’re cozy at home.

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3. Chocolovers Perfume by Aquolina Women

Time: Day, night
Season: Winter, fall
Signatures: Nutty, citrus, vanilla, woody
Keywords: Simple, homely, warm, safe

Chocolovers comes in a purely cylindrical bottle. The cover is red, with a chocolate heart on the top of its cap. It’s not about to win any awards for design but it’s the contents that matters.

Aquolina didn’t bother helping us out with the note structure. However, hazelnut, known for being able to simulate that chocolate aroma, is what leads the charge. Paired with vanilla, it makes for a very chocolatey product.

Orange, coriander, musk, lemon, bergamot, and lily-of-the-valley are the others.

Think of how it’d smell if you had a glass of orange juice on deck while eating a freshly baked chocolate cookie. That’s the kind of aroma that comes around from the moment you spray Chocolovers.

On the performance side of things, its insane. This fragrance lasts the entire day and projects beautifully. Unfortunately, having launched all the way back in 2006, it found itself discontinued.

Worry not, you can still find this excellent perfume, but you’ll likely have to pay a premium buying it from a reseller.

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4. Valentina Uomo

Time: Night
Season: Winter, fall
Signatures: Woody, nutty, warm spicy, chocolate
Keywords: Masculine, classic, casual, sexy

Uomo by Valentino comes in a spiky bottle with a royal-looking gold insert with the brand’s name imprinted on it. The neck takes on the same rich gold tone. It’s a luxury bottle but we’re here for the juice inside.

The perfumers behind this fragrance sought out to create a scent that had all the properties of a scent that’d become a classic in years from that point. It is a fragrance aiming for a timeless casual style.

Bergamot and myrtle are the top notes but there is minimal impact. The middle notes are the power players, with hazelnut, chocolate, and roasted coffee beans coming together for a dessert-like combination. The base notes are cedar and the masculine tone of leather.

This is a gourmand that oozes sexiness simultaneously. For dates and formal occasions where a man wants to attract women with an irresistible pull, Uomo is one of the top choices.

A fragrance like this is just begging to be a beast but Uomo let us down on that count. It lasts just about four hours on the skin. Sillage and projection are equally average.

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5. Mugler Angel Muse

Time: Night, day
Season: Winter, fall
Signatures: Woody, sweet, patchouli, nutty
Keywords: Unisex, polarizing, unique, complex

If you know your fragrances, then we don’t need to introduce you to the alien bottle of Angel Muse. It’s a Mugler scent so none of us are really surprised. It makes guessing the fragrance character harder.

Launched in 2016, Angel Muse is a flanker of the original Angel from 1992. This one uses a light composition.

Pink pepper and grapefruit mix to give a sweet spicy kick to the opening. Hazelnut cocoa spread, essentially Nutella, is the sole middle note. The prominent notes are the patchouli and vetiver at the base.

This is a women’s fragrance so we were intrigued by how well a patchouli and vetiver-leaning scent was able to appeal to our traditional ideas of what a feminine perfume should be.

It is that exact element that may make many keep away from it. It gives a very outdoor, earthy smell to the fragrance. The tangy opening and the chocolatey richness can be distinguished from it, but it is hard not to perceive that smell of dirt. We’d say this is a perfect unisex candidate.

This will last at least eight hours at a go, so it’s no slouch on any account.

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6. Bond No 9 I Love New York for All

Time: Night
Season: Winter, fall
Signatures: Warm spicy, sweet, woody, cacao
Keywords: Smooth, decadent, comforting, happy

It’s that same Bond No 9 bottle shape that we’ve all come to know and love, this time black, and stamped with an homage to the Big Apple with an “I Heart NY” label.

This scent is a unisex scent that is inspired by the extreme energy and fast-moving pace of the city that never sleeps.

The middle is where all the magic happens, though the opening eases into it with the kick of pepper and bergamot and soft sweetness of lily-of-the-valley.

The middle notes are cacao and coffee, paired with the sweet Italian confection known as Marron glace. This is already a sweet beverage ready to warm you up in the cold of winter.

The base notes are vanilla, adding creaminess to that drink, ended up with sandalwood, patchouli, woodsy notes, and leather.

Though now discontinued, this a warm, comforting scent. It’s quite a bit away from the fast-paced frenetic fragrance we felt we’d find. It will give you a hug for about eight hours too.

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7. Mancera Choco Violet

Time: Day, night
Season: Winter, fall
Signatures: Powdery, chocolate, nutty, violet
Keywords: Delicious, rich, unique, powerful

Mancera. Those classy, simple bottles. They are a personal favorite of ours with how functionally sexy they look.

The composition of this fragrance is almost like the recipe for a delicious dessert. The opening has hazelnut paired with orange and bergamot. In the middle, dark chocolate appears, the central note in the fragrance, along with violet. The base uses Madagascar vanilla and white musk to round it off.

Think of chocolate cereal or cookies. Then mix that with the smell of sweet violets. That’s what is at the heart of Choco Violet. It is a beautifully delicious scent. It nails the unisex balance as well.

This is a beast. It will last a ridiculously long time on the skin. It’ll do at least eight hours and more commonly ten hours. It is powerful and doesn’t need to be overdone. Less is more here.

This winter fragrance is amazing. Despite that, it’s not a safe blind buy. Make sure to try it on first unless you adore chocolate perfumes.

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8. Mancera Roses & Chocolate

Time: Day, night
Season: Winter, fall
Signatures: Chocolate, powdery, sweet, rose
Keywords: Elegant, inviting, mature, gentle

It’s Mancera again. This fragrance borrows the traditional bottle shape of the house, but with gold accents for the label and cap this time. There’s a purple gradient starting from the top.

A bit more complex than its chocolatey Mancera partner above, Roses & Chocolate starts off with a barrage of fruits in the opening. Peach, blackcurrant, mandarin, and bergamot.

The middle holds dark chocolate and violet, similar to Choco Violet, but it adds rose for more floral tone. The base is made up of vanilla, cedar, and white musk. We’re quite used to seeing these among base notes of perfumes.

The chocolate note is easily the star here. It is rich with that slight bitterness of dark chocolate. There’s a powdery element afforded by rose, violet, and vanilla.

If you know Mancera, then you know that the performance for this fragrance is intense. It doesn’t need to be overapplied as just a little will service sufficiently.

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9. Il Profvmo Chocolat

Time: Night, day
Season: Winter, fall
Signatures: Cacao, warm spicy, sweet, fruity
Keywords: Decadent, mature, versatile, unisex

There’s not much to say about the bottle that Chocolat comes in. It is rather laid back and it doesn’t have much intimidating presence to it. That’s a style in itself though, as plain as it looks.

This unisex fragrance goes light on the base and heavy on the top and middle. Tangerine, nutmeg, sandalwood, and galbanum each make equal contribution to the opening. The middle is where cacao lives, joined by the sweetness of plum, rose, and jasmine.

The single base note is vanilla, but it has quite a prominence in the fragrance. Together with the cacao, it is like taking in the scent of milk chocolate. Soft and decadent.

Many might compare this to the original Angel by Mugler. If you are familiar with that, you can think of this as a lighter variant on that. It makes for a good alternative.

You’ll still catch this on the skin up to six hours after applying, but it goes very gentle with its projection. This is a fragrance that you can wear anywhere thanks to that.

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10. Tom Ford Black Orchid

Time: Night
Season: Winter
Signatures: Warm spicy, earthy, woody, sweet
Keywords: Intense, sexy, powerful, luxurious

Tom Ford is known for providing some of the sexiest and most sophisticated perfumes, though at a bit of high asking price. Black Orchid, made for women, isn’t too different.

Launched in 2006, this fragrance was intended to be opulent and modern. This is a perfume of luxury and sophistication; something that is sexy and irresistible to those who breathe it in.

The formulation here is nothing short of complex. A total of 20 unique notes add to the mix for Black Orchid. In the top notes, truffle, gardenia, and blackcurrant have the most influence. More flowers and citrus fruits are present at this level.

In the middle, orchid, spices, and gardenia again, show up. The base has Mexican chocolate with the dominant influence, joined by patchouli, vanilla, and incense playing prominent parts.

This perfume is ridiculously intense. The chocolate dry-down can be smelt days after when on clothes, and for almost a full day on skin. It is delicious to take in after you’ve forgotten that it’s there.

This perfume is a true winter gem.

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11. Britney Spears Fantasy

Time: Day
Season: Winter
Signatures: Sweet, fruity, tropical, fresh
Keywords: Youthful, gourmand, feminine, cute

Fantasy was the second fragrance from Britney Spears, and such was its success that it spawned a ridiculous number of flankers following it through these years. It was launched in 2005.

Fantasy is as gourmand as gourmand perfumes get. The top notes are exclusively fruits, with kiwi, red litchi, and quince – a relative of the pear.

In the middle, it goes heavy on the dessert-like sweetness, with white chocolate the prevailing note in the fragrance, and cupcake making a significant contribution. Orchid and jasmine drop in some powdery sweetness.

At the base, musk, woodsy notes, and orris root help to dial back the potency of the sweet elements. They give a great base for this fragrance to rest upon.

This is a very sweet fragrance that has a lot of youthful energy to it. The fruits contribute the sweetness in the opening, but that turns into a sugary sweetness as it begins to dry. The chocolate note is the good stuff.

This is a creamy, sweet masterpiece. If you like gourmands, this is a must have.

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