Can A Woman Wear Men’s Fragrance – Here’s the truth

Since time immemorial, there has always been a divide between the two genders. Women have always been told what to do, how to act, and what to wear.

In the gender spectrum, women have always been second to men.

However, with the rise of feminism, the female population has evolved – whose rights and voices have slowly echoed throughout the many aspects of life.

Nevertheless, masculinity and femininity have always been different from each other. Society-wise, certain things are best suited for men and some things fit well with women.

On the other hand, that does not mean that each of them cannot try fitting into those that are labeled for the opposite gender.

Can a woman wear men’s fragrance and perfume

There have been debates on whether women can try on men’s perfume when it comes to fragrance.

Some may say no because men’s scents are designed for men only.

However, it all depends on the person’s preference. He/she can choose to wear whatever perfume he/she prefers without the limitations of gender or rules.

So, the real question here is: can a woman wear men’s fragrance? Both yes and no.

To fully understand the question and answer, we must go a little bit into the depth of what male and female fragrances are and why they are important to us. Because let’s face it; the way we smell affects how others perceive us.

It depends on personality and style

Fragrances typically symbolize something: personality, style, representation, etc.

For instance, a fruity smell indicates a more feminine approach while a woody fragrance sends a typical masculine one.

However, the message that we want to submit to the world when we define our scents is entirely up to us.

A person’s choice of fragrance depends on their personality and style. For some people, a robust leathery scent may suit them because of their strong character.

For some, a flowery fragrance might represent their sweet personas. However, that does not mean that the nature of the person limits to that choice.

Other people who give off a kind of a strong feeling can try a sweet scent. This is where style comes in.

Women can wear men’s fragrances. Although, not all of them can. This is because it depends on their sense of personality and style.

Some of the perfumes designed for men may be too strong and minty and may not necessarily fit that of a woman. Women should select those that fit them well and the kind of style they want to embody.

Wearing men’s perfume only for the sake of showing they can is just not right. When people choose their fragrance, it should be because they like it and it suits them, not because of trying to prove a point.

In reality, some perfumes can be worn by others and some cannot – in terms of their styles and characters as individuals.

Gender labels on perfumes are just indicators

Products and items are usually labeled by gender to show a sense of separation. Some things are specially designed and made for women and the same goes for men. It is the same case with perfumes.

Labels are made to differentiate between the audience. The title ‘for men’ and ‘for women’ is placed because most manufacturers think that their gender-labeled products appeal primarily to those types of audiences.

It indicates the kind of people who would best suit the product. On the other hand, what it does not say is that it is limited to men’s use only.

When you go to the store, women are not stopped by anyone from going to the men’s sections and trying out their items.

Gender labels are mere indications of the audience it is made for. It does not constitute a binding that that particular audience should be the only one who has the right to use it.

Items are separated based on gender labels to make it easier for people to find what they are looking for. Sections are made to be this way.

Gender labels on perfumes indicate that there are fragrances that are made for men that have typical male scents to differentiate them from that of the ideal female scents.

When choosing a fragrance as a person, it should be based on what you want to convey as a person and what style you are going for.

A personal flavor matters and, if that is in the form of men’s perfume, there is certainly nothing wrong about it!

The Differences between Male and Female Fragrances

Upon smelling a particular perfume, we can usually immediately point out whether they smell more like a male or female scent.

The different scents around us may best suit specific people, like the ocean or the earth – depending on what kind of people they are. The fragrance is made that way.

When perfumes are designed to create a particular profile, they are then identified whether they suit the male or female audience. Of course, there are also perfumes that are for both sexes and fit them either way.

Looking at men’s fragrances, the list below shows the typical scents in this category:

  • woody
  • musky
  • aromatic
  • strong
  • leathery
  • spicy
  • citrus
  • clean

For women, the following are most apparent:

  • floral
  • fresh
  • fruity
  • sweet
  • light

The differences between the two are apparent. The feminine scents usually emit a brighter and sunnier feeling while the masculine scents project a strong profile.

Other differences:

  1. Men’s perfumes are usually Eau de cologne, which has lesser concentration, and female fragrances are Eau de parfum.
  1. Feminine scents give off more floral and fruity scents while male fragrances are more of a woody and citrus class. Perfumes that are heavy such as leather, tobacco, and even gasoline, lean more on the male side. On the other hand, the musky and animalistic scents can apply to both genders.
  1. In packaging, male fragrances are taken to look more sporty while female ones are more colorful.

Marketing strategies dictate this divide, at the very least.

Men can wear feminine scents because it suits their sweet and fresh personality and women can wear masculine perfumes that indicate their strong outlook and energy. These scents are grouped into what is seen to be typical to the genders. However, they do not limit and dictate what both genders wear as a result of their style.

Unisex fragrances are popular

Fragrances, for both men and women, exist. They apply to either sex in terms of scents and style. In short, they are the neutral kind of perfumes.

Unisex scents are usually a mix between the typical smell of male and female fragrances. There are perfumes that are both flowery and earthy.

There are also combinations of two contrasting scents that go well together, such as sweet and spicy. It may sound like food but it’s not. Although, it does smell like that.

When these perfumes are designed, the finished product means they cannot be placed on what side of the spectrum they best fit.

Hence, they are labelled for both sexes.

They are typically both strong and fresh, sweet and woody, or not even of the same brew that fits perfectly well with both men and women.

Choosing a specific fragrance that will meet a person’s own expectations and style does not mean limiting it to the choices designed by marketers for men and women.

In this free world, we have the freedom to become who we want to be. Women can wear men’s perfumes, and vice versa, if they want to and not when they don’t fit them. There’s a difference.