Best Axe Deodorant 2021 – Top 12 List

In this article we’ll help you find the best Axe deodorant for you. In this yearly test, we have found 10 deodorants that perform better than the rest.

Axe is a company known for their scents which appeal intensely to younger men with a more modern aesthetic. They are well known for their over-the-top ads.

However, it can be very hard to choose your first, or your next, Axe scent because of how many they have.

This list will show you exactly what to look at for your next scent.

12 Best Axe deodorants

It was not an easy task going through all the latest, and classic, Axe deodorants. Their sortiment is incredible, and a big reason to why a lot of men get an interest in colognes.

If you are looking for a good Axe deodorant, no matter season, age or occasion – then this is the ultimate list for you.

1. Axe Antiperspirant Deo Night Dry

Axe is a company best known for their body sprays, but they have some amazing antiperspirants in their line-up too. In fact, quite a lot of them and this is one.

This Signature Night deodorant comes as a four-pack for what is an easy to swallow price for many. It also manages to cut out a lot of the problems of most of these products.

It doesn’t leave any white or yellow marks on clothes it contacts. You don’t need to worry about odd white spots under the pits of your favorite shirt.

The Signature Night fragrance here incorporates lavender, cardamom, and praline. From this, it gets a very nice balance of both sweet and spicy.

This antiperspirant will keep you smelling amazing, keep your armpits dry for 48 hours, and save you the trouble of those annoying white or yellow streaks. That’s a win to us.

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2. Axe Deodorant Phoenix Dry

Having the word ‘Phoenix’ in your deodorant already sets high expectations. This is a cool, exciting, epic word, so you’ll be expecting a product that will not only smell fantastic, but keep you dry.

Well, if it’s a fantastic smell that you’re after, you’ll get it here. Phoenix incorporates mint and rosemary for a distinctly punchy flavor.

This deodorant will definitely turn heads and it works great for the confident, young man.

You’ll have 48 hours of that fantastic scent, and you’re bound to love every second of it. Plus, when you buy this, you’re getting six of these sticks for an easy to digest price. That’s a win.

And of course, the ‘dry’ in the name of this is testifying to how it’ll keep your armpits after applying it. Don’t be shy to raise your arm, since there will be no stains and no odor.

It’s hard to go wrong with Axe Phoenix, and we think pretty much any young man will love this.

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3. Axe Deodorant Black Chill

If there is something that we’ll give Axe points for, it is the incredibly awesome names that they always manage to come up with, and Black Chill is one of those.

First of all, you’re only getting this one stick of deodorant when you go for this, so those savings you get from four-packs or six-packs aren’t here.

Despite that, this is an amazing scent. The people at Axe threw together mint, sandalwood, and cedar, to give you a fragrance that has a fresh kick to it, yet the manliness of those wood scents.

You’ll be left smelling unforgivingly fresh even 48 hours after putting this on. And trust us, you’ll want to smell fresh for as long as possible when this is what you have on.

It is important for you to keep in mind that this isn’t antiperspirant, so it won’t provide such a strong barrier against sweat. What it will do is combat that odor that comes with it, when what you really need is to smell great.

4. Axe Deodorant Dry Dark Temptation

Dark Temptation is one of the better-known Axe scents. It had a very iconic advert where women thirsted over a man who was essentially made of chocolate, meant to mirror how delectable this is meant to make you.

We’d say they aren’t too far off. By mixing together hot chocolate, red peppercorn, and amber, you get a fragrance which is ultimately sweet with a hint of spicy. It is definitely tempting to take in.

What you get here is 24-hour protection from those dreaded odors, as well as keeping sweat away. You’ll remain dry while smelling amazing, which will make you smell appetizing to anyone who walks by.

When you buy this, you’re getting six sticks of this deodorant at a price that is very easy to bear. This is a great way to get value for your money.

If you’re hesitating with going for this scent, don’t. It is a great choice for pretty much anyone.

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5. Axe Deodorant Apollo

Apollo was the Greek god of many things, probably too many to mention here. But there is one thing that was clear about Apollo. He was one of the most loved of the gods on Mount Olympus.

With the fragrance that Axe Apollo leaves on you, we’d say you’ll be just as loved as that god was in those days. This is a very classy and manly scent.

What the people behind the fragrance did was to mix sandalwood, for that manly tone, with fresh sage and green fruits for some aromatic freshness on top. It’s a great combination, we’d say.

This is a 48-hour antiperspirant deodorant, so not only will it keep the sweat far far away for that long, but it will also ensure that you smell amazing.

This comes as a single stick of deodorant, but it is very affordable. You can easily go with more than one of these and you won’t come back to regret it.

6. Axe Deodorant Essence

Essence is such a sexy name for a scent, and it makes you imagine a fragrance that is manly and rich, that creates longing in whoever is able to get close enough to take it in.

Well, we can confirm that it might not be that intense of an effect, but it sure is amazing. You get a mix of a strong woody smell with some oriental spiciness on top of that. It is great.

This gives the smell of a man who is confident and gentlemanly, thanks to the woody notes it has. But it also carries a kind of ‘darkness’ to it, from the spices. This is the part of the man that is sensual and exotic.

This is best for men who have that confidence and sexiness and know that they can pull this off when it goes dark. It is a daring fragrance.

You’re paying for a pack of six here, with an extremely good price. It is almost impossible not to recommend this. 24 hours of no sweat and no odor? That’s a deal.

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7. Axe Deodorant Kilo

We don’t know exactly what to make of the name of this deodorant, so we’ll skip that part. Maybe there’s something you’ll figure out.

Take some of the tropical exoticness of coconut. Now, some of the rich nuttiness of hazelnut. And then the sweet, dessert-like aroma of caramel.

When you mix all these scents together, you might not know what to expect from it. But we’ll tell you that what comes out of that combination is wondrous.

This scent has enough manliness on it, but enough of a rich aromatic fragrance to make it quite like nothing anyone has smelt before.

This will keep that beautiful scent on you for 24 hours, and it will keep your pits dry for just as long. If this has called out to you, go for it; it’s a four-pack and you won’t regret the purchase.

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8. Axe Deodorant Body Spray Black Edition

You can consider this to be this list going back to the basics, after all, its for their body spray that Axe is best known. And of course, this one brings the heat that they are so well known for.

We’ll quickly talk about how this comes in a can finished with only monochrome tones, mostly grey and black. It looks very cool and I’m sure you hope it smells just as cool.

Well, trust us when we say it does. This Black Edition body spray is the cool kid in class with that silent sexiness it carries across. Just knowing that you’re wearing this is enough to give you that confidence boost.

This is a six-pack, so you definitely won’t be short of this amazing fragrance if you go this way. Plus, you’re getting this at a pretty good price, so what’s there to wait for?

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9. Axe Deodorant Fresh Anarchy

When you hear the word, Anarchy, attached to a deodorant, it can be pretty hard to know what to expect. Is it going to be a very chaotic scent? Or will it be something that smells like a wild, bad boy?

Dark pomegranate and sandalwood. Just think of that.

The exotic fruity flavors of the pomegranate and that manly base that woody ingredients like sandalwood give. If you’re imagining something that smells dangerously irresistible, you’ve got the right idea.

This won’t keep the sweat at bay, but it will keep you smelling fresh for more than a day. 48 hours to be exact, which isn’t a bad thing if you’re going to be smelling like Anarchy.

This is a three-pack, so if you like the fragrance that this has, you’ll be glad to have gotten more than one.

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10. >Axe Deodorant Gold Temptation

This is a body spray that stands out from the crowd, even before you even press down on that nozzle. The opulent gold canister definitely sets some expectations for what it’ll smell like inside. Exactly what like, we can’t say.

Gold Temptation blends an interesting mix of ingredients. You have hot chocolate with the sharpness of citrus and the smell of amber. This is such a unique blend and it pays off with a unique aura.

If you want to smell completely different from the rest, yet still smell captivating, this is probably the best way to do it.

This comes in a two-pack and costs a bit more than the other deodorants and sprays that have been on this list so far. If you like the scent though, it is worth going for.

This is merely a body spray, so don’t expect any antiperspirant action from this because you surely won’t find it here.

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11. Axe Deodorant You Got Something

This is clearly a very interesting name for any kind of fragrance. It’s one that is impossible to predict, and leaves the smell inside as a complete surprise.

Well, you know what, they really do ‘got something’ with this. What you get is woody notes mixed with amber, then verbena, cinnamon, black pepper, and vanilla.

That’s quite a slate of aromatic scents, and as a result it has got some kick to it, though not more than we’d think was bearable. We can see as lot of people actually falling in love with how good this smells.

Plus, it is an antiperspirant, so you don’t need to worry about those wet underarms when you’ve been working all day. You get 24 hours of protection from those bad underarm odors, dry arms, and a wonderful scent following you around everywhere.

This is a daring scent with everything it puts in it. But we think it works great for any age of man, though the younger ones might own it a lot better.

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12. Axe Deodorant Africa

What exactly is the smell of Africa, you must be wondering? Why did Axe take the bold move to name this deodorant body spray after a whole continent?

Well, we probably can’t answer that question, but what we can tell you is that it smells good. Really good.

It uses an array of exotic notes, such as bergamot and mandarin orange for the citrus tone, tonka, vanilla, sandalwood, musk, and a few more. This is a rich and ambitious fragrance and it nails it.

It comes in a more angular canister, with some edgy green and red streaks offset to the side.

If you’re looking for an Axe fragrance that smells as great as their very best but still has a lot of maturity to it, then there’s few options better than Africa.

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