Best Amouage Fragrances 2021 – 21 Perfumes for Men and Women

Amouage makes great perfumes, no question about it. There is literally something for everyone. The problem is finding one that suits you, because there are so many. The Amouage fragrance collection is huge! Thus, we have created this ultimate guide to the best Amouage fragrances for both women and men.

Someone had to do it. A great summary of the top notes from Amouage.

We have gone through the whole Amouage collection to find their best fragrances. The end result being 10 perfumes for women and 11 fragrances for men.

This is all you need to know, to find the most suitable Amouage fragrance for you.

Best Amouage Fragrances for Women

Amouage fragrances are amongst some of the best in the industry, but there is such a wide range with such different notes that it can be hard to decide which one to purchase.

We know how hard it can be, so we’ve put this list of some of our favorite Amouage perfumes for women to help you find the one that suits you the best.

1. Amouage Memoir Woman

Time: Night
Season: Winter and fall
Signatures: Warm spicy, balsamic, smoky, woody, leather
Keywords: Exotic, dominating, femme fatale, unwavering

Perfumes can speak more words than you’d think, and a scent like Amouage Memoir will speak to pull heads towards you.

It is a dominating fragrance, not for those who want to keep attention away from them. It opens with the spiciness of pink pepper and citrus, but eventually simmers down to bring out a rich, exotic, incense fragrance.

It is expensive, but rightfully so because it smells expensive. Opulent might be a beautiful enough word for us to describe it with. The performance doesn’t betray its price either.

It lasts as long as half a full day, and it projects with an enormous aura, filling up an entire room. Go light on the application with this one.

The leather and spiciness of the incense in this one make it feel fitting as a unisex perfume, and we think it could work either way. But for a woman, this fragrance will pin you as the queen in the room.

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2. Amouage Lyric Woman

Time: Night
Season: Fall and winter
Signatures: Warm spicy, woody, balsamic, rose
Keywords:  Sophisticated, glamourous, sensual

Amouage Lyric sings a song, and it sings one of a strong, classy woman. There’s a beautiful opening to the composition it sings, which starts with a sweet and spicy opening with ginger and cinnamon.

There’s very little citrus from the bergamot, but it’s there. As it dries down, the soft smell of roses comes in with other floral notes. It is a very glamorous fragrance.

Think of figures like Marilyn Monroe, draped in a fur coat. That’s what is evoked by such brilliant rose fragrances like Lyric. It is sophisticated, sexy, and vintage.

If you ever find yourself going to a ballroom dance or attending a fancy gala, then this might be the scent you’re looking for.

It performs admirably, lasting over 8 hours and creating a cloud of its sweet, spicy scent around you. This is that Broadway fragrance that takes you back in time and makes you feel like a star.

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3. Amouage Honour Woman

Time: Day
Season: Spring and summer
Signatures: White floral, floral, green, tuberose
Keywords:   Innocent, soft, pure, beautiful

One of the best ways I can find to describe Honour would be likening it to its bottle. It comes in a very beautiful simple bottle, with a white body and gold accents.

It is clean and gorgeous in its simplicity, and in a way, that is what it smells like. Honour is a floral scent, and that will be clear when you perceive it.

It starts with a very mild spiciness thanks to coriander and pepper at the top, but it takes no time for the stunning flowery fragrance to come out. Gardenia and tuberose are the most prominent here, and they make this bottle smell so ‘white’.

It is a soft, innocent fragrance. It brings to mind the image of a woman in a gorgeous wedding dress and the purest of smiles upon her face.

The beautifully composed floral fragrance does well in the hotter months of summer and spring, and performs nicely. We caught this scent hanging around 7 hours later, and it projects enough to surround you with a cloud of mild flowery sweetness.

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4. Amouage Epic Woman

Time: Night and day
Season: Winter and fall
Signatures: Balsamic, fresh spicy, warm spicy, woody, rose

The moment we spritzed a little bit of Epic, the caraway note was easy to pick out. We can’t say that we really mind. It’s one of the prominent notes here, and paired with cinnamon it gives a warm spiciness to the fragrance.

As it lingers, some more exotic floral notes come in. There’s jasmine, rose, and vanilla in there; that floral sweetness is light and airy. There are some heavier sweet tones in the background with amber and incense.

It’s quite the combination of scents if you have the nose for it. It feels very Arabian, which might be the oud at the base.

This fragrance projects moderately, and lasts a ridiculously long time, sticking to the skin spectacularly. Even after 24 hours, its traces were still noticeable on us!

This is the perfect scent for cool nights out on the beach with clear waters, and a gown blowing in the night’s wind.

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5. Amouage Journey Woman

Time: Day
Season: Fall and spring
Signatures: Floral, sweet, fruity, honey, powdery
Keywords: Cozy, inviting, attractive, natural

Think of an oasis and the wealth of the desert. Think of the tropical fruits, the rich beautiful flowers, the sweetness of honey, the exotic scents of oils. Amouage Journey takes you on a trip to the Orient and its opulence.

Journey opens up with a calming, uplifting sweetness from the apricot and osmanthus top notes. There are other floral notes in the background which lend a lush, feminine tone to the fragrance.

Giving it a bit of time to dry and that rich scent of honey begins to show, with a very mild tobacco smokiness in the back. The vanilla adds a creaminess that makes it almost like a decadent dessert. This fragrance is invitational with its sweet comfort.

This Amouage scent feels like one of the most accessible. It is not dominant or extreme, and the scent is that of a woman who simply wants to evoke fascination. Like most of their scents, it is potent and will last on the skin for as long as 12 hours.

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6. Amouage Blossom Woman

Time: Day
Season: Spring
Signatures: Floral, fruity, almond, balsamic
Keywords: Youthful, innocence, girly, pure

Before you even get the chance to smell Blossom, the name of the fragrance and the unapologetically pink bottle tell you something about the type of scent you are about to experience.

If you’re looking for a solid floral fragrance, then you might not find one as perfectly crafted as this Amouage. The opening teases you with the citrus spice of bergamot and the floral notes of heliotrope, but it is until it dries down that you experience the full extent.

Befittingly, cherry blossoms provide a youthful flowery aroma. There’s a balance there with amaretto, which gives a boozy almond tone to it, yet is far from overpowering. Vanilla tops the beautiful mixture with a sweet, simple cream.

This is the scent of a young lady, floral sundress donned and sunhat in hand or upon the head. Though some may find the aroma cloying, if you are a fan of floral scents then this is a perfect springtime fragrance.

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7. Amouage Sunshine Woman

Time: Day
Season: Spring and summer
Signatures: Fruity, floral, white floral, almond, vanilla
Keywords: Feminine, unique, bubbly, wondrous

Like the summer and spring seasons it is best suited for, Sunshine is all about the scents of nature. All the notes are derived from either flowers or fruits, and the effect is wondrous.

The almond note is prominent in the opening, and as you give the fragrance time to settle in you begin to appreciate the white floral notes coming out including the richness of vanilla.

While a generally feminine fragrance, there is a way that the white tobacco flower is able to add a bit of depths to it. It becomes less of another floral fragrance and picks up a smoky element that all comes together for astounding effects.

Amouage scents do not fail when it comes to longevity, and Sunshine will stay on for more than 8 hours easily. It projects significantly, so there’s no need to overdo it. Like most floral fragrances, moderation is best as they can get cloying when applied excessively.

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8. Amouage Imitation Woman

Time: Day and night
Season: Spring and summer
Signatures: Woody, balsamic, soft spicy, aldehydic, fruity
Keywords: Vintage, uptown, youthful

Imitation comes in a splendidly crafted multi-coloured bottle, and the variety of tones on the glass mirror the complexity of notes within the bottle.

The top notes listed are all floral, but the blackcurrant from the middle notes is perhaps the most prominent note. It is sweet and fruity, and though it takes center stage, the rose and ylang-ylang notes provide a sweet bed for the blackcurrant to work on.

The aldehyde in this is a bit prominent, and perhaps the most polarizing part of the composition. It gives a sourness to the fragrance that may not be for everyone. We could also sense a sweet incense smokiness towards the middle of its lifetime.

This feels like a classic club type of fragrance. I think of brick-sized cell phones and colorful outfits and hairsprayed hairstyles on the dancefloor of a night club.

This is easily a youthful perfume, even if like a time machine to the past. There’s sweetness in the top of the fragrance, and rougher base notes thanks to incense and sandalwood.

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9. Amouage Fate Woman

Time: Night and day
Season: Fall and winter
Signatures: Balsamic, warm spicy, smoky, woody
Keywords: Elegant, sexy, cozy

The name of this fragrance and the gorgeous pearlescent bottle give little insight into the flavor that will erupt once you spray from this perfume. The top notes are unanimously spicy, with the fruity tang of bergamot and the more straightforward spice of pepper and cinnamon.

Prominent in this is that smokiness of incense, and as you go about your day it’ll most likely be the first note people around you will note. Besides that, the spiciness from the top manages to give a warmth that makes this scent perfect for the colder seasons of the year.

The floral tones here are harder to note, but they are there in the background with the vanilla being quite prominent.

We see this as a fantastic choice for an everyday scent. It’ll easily last through a day, and it has a modest sexiness to it, as if not willing to unleash the full reserve. It performs spectacularly, and those around you will definitely not mind.

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10. Amouage Reflection Woman

Time: Day
Season: Spring and summer
Signatures: Floral, green, powdery
Keywords: Simple, light, natural, clean

I find Amouage’s attention to detail when it comes to their bottles to be a nice bonus to the fragrance contained within it. We think it’d be easy for you to guess the finish on the bottle of a fragrance named Reflection. That’s right, a high quality mirrored finish that shouts ‘wealth’ before you’ve even taken a sniff of what lies inside.

Reflection is a fragrance that rests heavily on plant-based notes. Green leaves are the most prominent note in this, joined by freesia and water violet as the top notes.

There’s a white floral tone for the heart notes, with magnolia and jasmine. Then the base comprises sandalwood, amber, and cedar.

This is a definite summer and spring scent. We had our imaginations conjure up a beautiful field of green leaves and flowers, with crystal clear water running in a stream an arm’s length away.

Reflection smells like green, flowers, and water. It’s a very clean, natural fragrance and if you’re looking for something lighter than most of Amouage’s scents, this is a premium offering.

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Best Amouage Fragrances for Men

Amouage has a lot of different perfumes for men, so deciding which ones to go for can be difficult.

We’ve put together this list of a few that stand out nicely to us, and we’ve covered a wide array of tones so you can find one that will be perfect for you.

These are the best Amouage fragrances for men.

1. Amouage Memoir Man Eau de Parfum

Time: Night and day
Season: Fall and winter
Signatures: Aromatic, fresh spicy, balsamic, woody
Keywords: Bold, mature, dark, masculine.

Like a lot of Amouage fragrances, Memoir is part of a pair of fragrances – one for men and another for women.

The range of top notes are all green and aromatic, with wormwood standing out significantly, and basil and mint contributing to the opening. The moment it is applied, it can be likened to the aroma of a rich herbal garden.

The wormwood dominates this scent with an aromatic note. The basil and mint provide a mild spiciness that warms this scent up, perfect for colder seasons.

There’s a smokiness lent to it by incense, tobacco, and guaiac wood that creates a woody backdrop for the more aromatic top notes. We found it interesting, to say the least.

This is a good flavor for casual wear, yet bold enough for formal events and gatherings. The smokiness gives it a mature mystery that makes us think it’d pair perfectly with a black tuxedo.

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2. Amouage Interlude Man

Time: Night
Season: Winter and fall
Signatures: Balsamic, fresh spicy, smoky, woody
Keywords: Dominant, regal, powerful, intense

Amouage says of Interlude that it was concocted to conjure an image of disorder and chaos all properly balanced. We find it hard not to think of that as a tad melodramatic, yet we can see the general idea behind it.

There are so many different themes in the profile of this fragrance, yet they all align in a nearly miraculous manner. The top notes have this fresh spiciness, thanks to the citrus sting of bergamot and the herbal spice of oregano and pepper.

The opening notes are far from claiming dominance in this scent, however. It’s the smoky sweet incense that claims that spot, reminiscent of a religious ritual with a censer swinging.

Frankincense and myrrh are used here to appealing effect, with amber playing a supporting role. There’s a clear sense of power, exoticness, and opulence coming from Interlude Man.

This is a strong scent, and performance is through the roof. On clothing, we were able to catch its presence even weeks after. On skin, it boldly claims its place, unwavering for essentially a full day.

Spray with care, because Interlude breathes an aura around you. This is for a man who is unapologetically confident. It goes beyond a scent into being a mentality.

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3. Amouage Honour Man

Time: Day
Season: Fall and spring
Signatures: Fresh spicy, aromatic, balsamic, woody
Keywords: Cautious, semi-formal, masculine

Honour for Men comes in an appealing white bottle playing its best poker face; not giving any hints out about the tone of the fragrance that hides within the bottle. We’ll give that away on their behalf.

Amouage Honour is spicy and it is aromatic. As it opens up, the top notes exert dominance with their spicy character.

Pink pepper and black pepper are the first to strike with sharpness, and though we found it a tolerable start, some may find it a bit too aggressive with the spiciness. It is a clear masculine formulation.

The spiciness is more of a fresh variety than a warm one, so it sits well for cool weather, but not as chilly as winter.

To us, this is a great fragrance for spring and winter. This is a safe masculine fragrance, and we can see it as an easy wear for an office day. However, it stays above complete casual wear as it carries a bit more elegance than that to its crafting.

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4. Amouage Myths Man

Time: Night
Season: Fall and winter
Signatures: Woody, smoky, aromatic, leather, floral
Keywords: Qualified, masculine, confident, audacious

Amethyst is the word that pops into our minds when we take a look at the Myths bottle. Normally, we might not rave as much about the container for the fragrance, but Amouage has bottles bordering on art. Without mincing words, Myths is a spectacular fragrance.

When we take this one in, we see a man dressed to the nines. He’s clothed in the most expensive of everything, and he knows it. The air he carries around him must smell exactly like Myths. There’s so much complexity to this fragrance, but we’ll try our best to help you envision it.

There’s a balance between the gorgeous floral tones of chrysanthemum and rose, and the rough masculine flavors of leather, ash, and rum. It has that Amouage DNA, with extreme longevity and sillage; unapologetic.

This is a scent that screams of an achiever, someone who has climbed, or is climbing the social ladder rapidly. It smells rich.

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5. Amouage Bracken Man

Time: Day
Season: Spring, fall, and summer
Signatures: Woody, fresh spicy, aromatic, warm spicy
Keywords: Rugged, masculine, dirty, gentlemanly

Amouage has a gold bracken leaf painted across this transparent bottle, and at first glance we thought of a lighter aquatic tone to the fragrance, but it is quite different.

Despite its name, there is no bracken or fern in the notes for this, but the idea behind the name is clear. It comprises woody, forest-type notes – such as cloves, cypress, cedar and patchouli.

Bracken is a dirty, masculine, rugged fragrance. If lumberjacks wear Amouage, then they wear Bracken.

Yet simultaneously, you can imagine a gentlemanly figure with a well-groomed beard and an expensive coat completely owning the idea this fragrance carries. Regardless of whether he’s well-groomed or he’s just come back from a rough day in the wild, Bracken exudes unbridled masculinity.

If you find the opening a bit strong, don’t judge until you take it in after it settles. It is truly a quality scent. It will hold on beautifully for more than 8 hours, and it’ll definitely extend its warm hold to those within 6 feet of you.

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6. Amouage Jubilation XXV Man

Time: Night and day
Season: Fall and winter
Signatures: Balsamic, sweet, woody, warm spicy
Keywords: Opulent, sophisticated, regal

Jubilation XXV sounds like the name of a ridiculously wealthy monarch in a distant land of unimaginable beauty. This smells like what he would wear.

There are so many notes in the formulation of this fragrance, but the blackberry, opoponax, and myrrh come together to produce an almost too opulent incense. Cinnamon, coriander, and tarragon give a warm spiciness to the sweetness, and the blend is exotic.

Where it shines is exactly where it might not be for everyone. This is an unapologetically exotic fragrance, and some people might not feel that that fits them. This is regal and masculine. If you feel you just can’t pull off that air of sophistication, then Jubilation XXV may fit poorly on you.

This is an older gentleman with comfortable wealth, and a mature air of power. We find it hard to think of a younger individual pulling it off with success, and we applaud any that can.

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7. Amouage Lyric Man

Time: Night and day
Season: Fall, spring, winter
Signatures: Rose, citrus, floral, balsamic
Keywords: Masculine, gentle, intimate, luxurious

Amouage Lyric comes in a bottle with a finish that moves in a gradient from a stunning crimson to a deep black at the bottom. Inside, there’s another masterfully composed Amouage scent. It opens up with a clear citrus sourness; bergamot and lime being the sole top notes.

From there, floral notes begin to shine, with rose taking prominence in this scent. The spiciness in this comes from nutmeg and ginger in the heart, but these have their own sweet tone to them naturally. These all come together to give a masculine fragrance which leans heavily on the sweet rose and floral notes, yet manages to stay in control with the spice.

The brand’s performance is not neglected here, as Lyric performs incredibly. It’ll last the entire day, and its projection is immense. Masculine rose isn’t something we’ve seen done often, but in the case of Lyric, it is done to perfection.

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8. Amouage Journey Man

Time: Night and day
Season: Fall and winter
Signatures: Fresh spicy, aromatic, balsamic, citrus, tobacco
Keywords: Smouldering, attractive, controlled

Journey pushes heavy on harsher notes such as citrus, tobacco, pepper, and leather.

It opens up with Sichuan pepper, cardamom, bergamot, and neroli. The pepper is the most prominent note of all these, blending away smoothly as the fragrance matures on the skin. Incense, leather, and tobacco bring the manliness to Journey, with a refined ease. This is a rich masculine aroma.

We see Journey as a scent for the colder months as the incense, tobacco, and pepper form a comforting cloud of warmth from their flavors combining eloquently. The sweetness of juniper is hard to pick out, but it’s there.

This is a compliment magnet, and exudes a sexiness that is controlled and bridled. It is not the strongest of Amouage scents, lasting about half a day before almost completely vanishing.

Sillage is controlled, reaching out about an arm’s length around you and not more. We think this works in its favor, however. This fragrance is built to tease and leave the rest to the curious.

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9. Amouage Epic Man

Time: Night and day
Season: Fall and winter
Signatures: Balsamic, warm spicy, fresh spicy, smoky
Keywords: Sexy, masculine, exotic, iconic

Amouage Epic is intended by the house to be a fragrance that takes us on an epic Journey to the Silk Road in the Orient. The Silk Road, being an important trade route in ancient days, carried exotic spices and goods.

Amouage attempts to capture the richness of these commodities by using many of them as notes in this fragrance. The green of the bottle is meant to summon images of jade, a prized stone in ancient China.

The notes in Epic are vast. The top notes are mostly spices, including pink pepper, saffron, nutmeg, and caraway. Oud and incense are the most prominent notes in this fragrance, harkening to the Arabian side of the Silk Road.

Pink pepper, nutmeg, and saffron give an enviable spiciness. The fragrance is so relentlessly exotic.

The composition is perfect as nothing overwhelms, and all these rich aromas swirl into a masterpiece of a fragrance. It truly seems like it smells exactly how the Silk Road might have.

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10. Amouage Beach Hut Man

Time: Day
Season: Spring and summer
Signatures: Green, woody, aromatic, earthy
Keywords: Light, fresh, mature, silent

Similar to Bracken, this is another transparent bottle with gold accents. This is a green fragrance, the opening created by the prominent mint note with galbanum and orange blossom. The scents in this are prominently summer/spring tones, being either green or floral.

This is a relatively light fragrance, but best suited for the older crowd. We find something about it that speaks a quiet maturity that a younger man just can’t execute. It feels like a scent for business, or a man whose casual attire is mulled upon and meticulously selected.

The mint really plays vanguard of the green notes lent by ivy, moss, and vetiver.

It’s a definitively masculine scent, yet it is rather fresh and light, which we liked about it. It is meant to be the scent of a Beach Hut Man, and while we wouldn’t say it completely nails it, it brings that idea easily if you know what you’re looking for.

It’ll last over 10 hours on the skin, which is the performance expected of Amouage.

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11. Amouage Reflection Man

Time: Day
Season: Spring, fall, and summer
Signatures: Woody, white floral, aromatic, powdery
Keywords: Calm, peaceful, masculine, confident

Unlike its female counterpart, Amouage has gone for a plain transparent bottle for the men’s variant of Reflection. It is more about the scent the bottle carries than anything else though. This is a floral fragrance somehow maintaining its masculinity.

The opening is mildly spicy, with pink pepper, petitgrain, and rosemary top notes. The leading notes in this fragrance are the jasmine and neroli, which provide that white floral tone that sticks out for the fragrance.

It’s the sandalwood and cedar that backdrops this scent and manages to preserve its masculinity. Patchouli and vetiver help keep the floral key tamer with their green.

This is the scent of a gentleman who knows he doesn’t need to be gruff or aggressive to be confident in himself. It has a powdery sweetness that doesn’t dominate thanks to the woody, green notes at the other side of the scale. It is an office scent that we can see going well in any season.

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